Lone Wolf Dist Launches New Glock Receiver

Discussion in 'The SHOT ShowCase' started by Eric, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. jokon

    jokon Cold Infidel

    I like the idea, why not right? I'll keep my eye open for the G21 conversion, until then YAWN.

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  2. JR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    The original release is planed as replacement frames only.
    Once we get on our feet we will contract to have 2 thousand built. This will qualify the gun to run legal in the SSP (IDPA) and production (USPSA) categories.

    We have several well known builders and shooters that provided a lot of input regarding this frame. Believe me when I tell you, every one of them signed off on the finger grips. They are a non issue even to guys that do not want them.

  3. JR - You are not listening - When we say we don't want FG's - We don't want FG's - nuff said! Please do not tell me what is a non-issue!
  4. JR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    Well then...... it is obvious this frame is not for you. Maybe a few others feel the same way but here is the truth of the matter. I would be happy if 2% Glock owners liked what we have to offer and only 1% purchased.

    This project is not a "save all wonder frame". Its an option. An option that has a nitch and we are here to fill it.
  5. Oh, but you see - it could be a "save all wonder frame" if you'd open the options up and not try to mandate. You may even get some M&P and XD business from people who don't buy GLOCKs because of the FG's. There's lots of money being made taking the FG's off GLOCKs.

    I hope you sell tons of them because that'll put more stock frames on the market that I can buy and mod however I want.

    I could comment further but it'd serve no purpose. I do think you need to remember what side of the dealer/customer relationship you're on.
  6. texas 48

    Gold Member

    Plans for G29 and G30 G26 G27? Would be Very cool and Extra concealable
  7. JR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    I meant no offence. Simply trying to indicate we will not be able to accommodate everyone. I can accept that fact.

    You are positively sold on "no FG", but so were several others involved with this project. I tried to explain that this frame circumference is greatly reduced. It allows a completely different grip and the FG do not interfere. Come out to the Tulsa Show in Nov, SAR Show in Dec (Phoenix), SHOT Show in Jan (Orlando) and see for yourself.
  8. Hey JR:

    Thanks for your input here. I'm going to give you a call this week as I'd like to see how a frame like this would work with my officers with small hands who are challenged with the 17/22 frame (especially with the adjustable backstraps). If the pricepoint is lower than the CCR raceframe, that interests the command staff above me.
  9. Sweet, I can't wait for that :rock:
  10. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    Thank you for the additional information JR. Looking forward to that Glock 20 frame.
  11. Very nice product, but Ill stick to my stock glock!
  12. jokon

    jokon Cold Infidel

    Like I mentioned before, I'm more interested in the 21 conversion. However, that's just me. I have a 21 sf now and definitely think I would be for a conversion for it. I would have gone the ccf route before, but they weren't available at the time I was looking. I would definitely wait for this. I have a ambi model 21, will the conversion be ambi? I know this is jumping the gun (no pun intended) But the more I look, the more I'm interested. I would also be interested in a conversion for the G30 with a grip to accept the full size grip of the 21sf without the big gap.
    This is my Christmas list, please Santa, please.
  13. crosse

    crosse Caped Crusader

    everyone is a critic. I look forward to buying a lower with a nice 35 lwd upper. or when the 20/21 lower comes out a 5" LWD hunting barrel and upper. positive people. think positive!
  14. Very, very cool :cool:

    I'll be getting one!
  15. Can't wait I'm very excited about this...
  16. revel8

    revel8 hedgehog

    i dont see a big problem with the finger grips, they don't look as pronounced at the regular glock ones are.
  17. coverdog

    coverdog Platinum Member

    I'd take a g20/21 frame. I have no interest in any others myself. Hope to see them soon.
  18. You are correct sir. So much against FG's that I only own 1 - 3rd Gen Fullsize GLOCK and that is a G35 with the FGs removed. Believe me, I own many GLOCKs, but have to settle for 2nd Gen guns. Gaston can't sell me on FG's, so I doubt you will. BHP's, 1911's, Berettas, Rugers, S&W's, M&P's, XD's, Sigs - none of them have FG's, why would you want to add them is beyond me. I don't see anybody adding FG's to GLOCKs, only taking them off.

    As I learn to do frame mods myself, I plan to get some more 3rd Gen Guns. Like I said, I hope you sell tons of these so I can get some factory frames at a reasonable price.

    Good Luck in your endeavor!:cool:
  19. Eric

    Eric Big Giant Head
    Staff Member Admin Millennium Member

    Guys, if you want to ask questions or post comments in the Product Showcase forum, you need to be polite and exercise some tact. As is usually the case, the warning is unnecessary for most of you. Eric
  20. 9mmMike

    9mmMike The Fun-Police
    Millennium Member

    Pretty cool IMHO.
    And FWIW, it seems like those with a FG "issue" are in a pretty small minority.
    Nice job JR & Co.!

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