Lone Wolf Dist Launches New Glock Receiver

Discussion in 'The SHOT ShowCase' started by Eric, Oct 26, 2008.

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    The gun in the pic is 100% Lone Wolf, frame, slide, barrel and most internal parts. It is the actual prototype we had on-hand at SHOT Show in Orlando FL. Had you attended this show you would have been able to rack the slide, feel the trigger and "take in" the gun as a whole! We made 3 small changes to this prototype. We have incorporated (subtle) texture on the front of the trigger guard, rounded the front of the frame to match the bull nose and rounded the beaver tail slightly. We are working on the regular production run now. I expect to see these frames available by April. The $200 price tag is still good to go so far. The frame texture was commented on by hundreds of dealers. Everybody agreed it provides a good gripping surface but not to aggressive to cause grip burn during extended shooting sessions.

    I see this frame as a true winner for any "custom Glock enthusiast". This is living proof Lone Wolf is delivering more bang for your buck! You will be able to build a total custom Glock using Lone Wolf parts for about $595. Frame at $200, frame internals about $40, slide at $175, slide internals about $80, barrel at $100, sights are your choice $?$ ($2 to $100)

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  2. Ghostrider_911

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    JR : Brilliant - sounds like good stuff to me, looking forward to seeing the final product!

  3. Hmm. I might get a new receiver & internals with the idea of making it a permanent mate to the Mech Tech carbine.
  4. Are you guys going to try and meet the "production" requirement for USPSA and IDPA? I would also be interested in a G20 type frame as well.
  5. ....so would it still be called a Glock! LOL I want one soo bad. I hope they're out soon!
  6. I see we've got a schedule for the fullsize frame, and that the 10mm/.45 frame is to follow. JR, any idea on when we might see the midsize frame? My wife's carry gun, a G19, needs this kind of grip reduction, and I intend to match mine with hers. Any idea on timeline for the G19/23 size would be appreciated.
  7. JR

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    I am looking forward to building a special run of these guns to meet production for both IDPA and USPSA. It is my understanding we will need to build 2000 pistols in one year? If we are able to work it out I will be sure to take every part that is currently listed as "illegal" and incorporate them into our design. Light weight strikers, stainless guide rods, fiber optic sights, front serrations, magwells, whatever they call illegal I want it on the gun!

    The 19/23 will follow right after the release of the Timber Wolf in April. I figure this compact frame should be available by Winter, just in time for Christmas
  8. JR, I have been lurking this thread since it was started. To say that Iam very excited about the new frame would be an understatement. I have bought several lonewolf products and have always had great customer service. Keep up the good work!
  9. Another question - have you guys considered making/contracting a decal-style grip that fits the LWD frame shape? I know it's a farther out concern, but we'[re trying to think of everything. :D I'd hate to have to take a soldering iron to one of these to keep it grippy.
  10. Have you stress tested these frames to see if they are at least as strong as the original glock frame? Does it pass the Frisbee test? What about stress sideways such as can happen in abuse situations etc?

    How do you know that your polymer will stand up and last as long as other manufacturers?

    I'd only be interested if it took stock parts in the frame.
  11. BOGE

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    Read the entire thread.
  12. I read most of it. I must have missed it somewhere. I'll care when it's been released and we find out if it breaks more often.
  13. cbburke

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    This is something that I wouldnt mind purchasing in the future since i Love the glock...

    but this is something different ..and i can calll it the BURKE ! cuz its customized :)
  14. That frame looks fantastic! A quick question, will the trigger reach be shorter on this frame?
  15. JR

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    matteblack: Yes the trigger reach is shorter. A full 1/8 shorter than the smallest grip reduction offered by anyone. Its smaller than the CCF metal frame.
    cbburke: The real world proves everything breaks sooner or later. If you have something that has not broke you aint playing hard enough! The truth of the matter has nothing to do with "if it breaks". What matters is how the problem is resolved. Lone Wolf lifetime guarantees everything we manufacture. No problem.
  16. Great to hear on the 19 size! I did a search and couldent find what the Timber Wolf is?
  17. Is this available yet?
  18. JR

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    Timberwolf is what we call the frame. It is a direct replacement for Glock models 17,17L,22,24,31,34,35,37.
    We expect to start shipping this April. Cost will be around $200, internals run about $40.
  19. Are there any other photos, shot show recaps perhaps?
  20. Beware Owner

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    Let me know when you have 32 and 30 frame replacements available.

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