Lone Wolf 10mm Long Slide Coversions

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by super95six, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. I've recently bought a Gen3 Glock 21SF with the intention of building a 10mm long slide using a Lone Wolf G20L slide and 6.02" barrel. I bought the 21 because I wanted a full size .45 as well as a hunting/backpacking gun in 10mm. My question concerns reliability/fitment issues with Lone Wolf components. I own several other Glocks (including a 34 with an LW threaded barrel) that I've tinkered with, but never to this extent. Does anyone have any input or experience that could be offered to help me with this build? How is the fit and finish on the LW components? Does this combo live up to the reliablilisty of a factory Glock? What weight recoil spring should I use for high pressure 10mm hunting loads (I will not be using a comp)?
    Thanks for the help

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  4. There was a period of time (earlier 2011) that LW had some quality issues with their products. These were primarily with barrels (feeding issues), but there were some problems with the slides as well.

    The slide issues were primarily around the rear sight dovetail not being in the same place causing issues with installing RDS, and the balancing act between the dovetail and the safety plunger pocket.

    This is entirely a non-functional issue and were it not for the fact i was installing RMR's it would have gone completely unnoticed.

    The other problems that were less prominent but functionality affecting, were safety plungers sticking if pushed all the way in and a small ridge of metal causing the extractor to stick.
    Both were quite fixable, and I have not seen any of this this subsequently.
  5. Me too, except I ordered the G20LS slide, and have the 6.6" threaded barrel. The slide is on backorder (assuming yours is too?) but the barrel is here. The barrel is certainly not as high quality as the factory Glock barrel, or an EFK, KKM, etc, but is certainly useable. My LW barrel is a little rough on the inside, but a little lapping smoothed out most of that.

    It does function 100% so far in the stock G21 slide (gasp!) and accuracy is great.
  6. i recently got LS, my problem is satefy plunger.
    it sticks too high, and i have to manually decock or push it in if i want to wear slide on a frame.
    Glock said it's normal with newer guns, but i have no problem with Glock slide, only with LWD.
  7. Sticking safety plungers was definitely one of the problems with LW slides.

    Send me a PM or email. I can give you some pointers on fixing the problem.
  8. not able to pm or email u. try to PM me

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