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Local Horry County Politician Arrested For Prosititution

Discussion in 'Carolina Glockers' started by Magicmanmb, Oct 19, 2007.


    Horry County councilman arrested during prostitution bust
    10/19/2007 10:10:24 AM
    On Thursday, October 18, 2007, the Myrtle Beach Police Department's Street Crimes Unit and Narcotics and Vice Unit conducted an undercover operation targeting street level prostitution in the Withers Swash community as a result of complaints from citizens in the area.
    NewsChannel 15 has confirmed with Myrtle Beach's spokesman, Mark Kruea, that one of those arrested is Horry County Councilman Marion Foxworth. Foxworth was arrested on 3rd Avenue South and Withers Swash Thursday night. He's charged with Loitering Prostitution which carries a fine of $257. He was also cited for a traffic offense, which carries a fine of $128. A court date is schedule for November 5th. He was booked and released from jail on a $385.

    In all, twenty-two individuals were arrested, eight for Solicitation of Prostitution and fourteen for Loitering. For a first offense of Solicitation of Prostitution the charge carries a fine of $467.00 and/or confinement of no more than thirty days. The charge of Loitering carries a fine of $267 and/or confinement of no more than thirty days. Below is a list of each defendant and their charges.

    Solicitation (Prostitution)

    Donald E. Wiggins
    Elizabeth Ann Harter
    Julio Cesar Martinez
    Dominguez Najera Nehemias
    Jaime Perez
    Monroe Holmes
    Marl Edward Banks III
    Williams David Jones

    Loitering (Prostitution)

    Omar Lopez
    Denis William Radvansky
    Richard Thomas Oleary
    Max S. Fearn
    Quintez Rodriguez Fulton
    Clifton Tarte Jr.
    Marion Dargan Foxworth III
    Jerry Lee Graham
    Elizabeth Stallings
    Dorothy J. Crossman

    Loitering (Drugs)

    Jaime Perez
    Roy Andrew Crigger
    Tabetha J. Saunders
    Corey Caleb Crigger
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    Jul 20, 2002
    here and there...
    Are you sure it's not "Horny" County? :)

    All part of living in the "redneck riviera"!

  3. Personally always thought it should be pronounced the way it's spelled instead of o-ree. At least he wasn't ccw at the time. They always love to put that line in where possible.
  4. BTW He ran on a "family values" platform.