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Local club's egg shoot

Discussion in 'Rimfire Forum' started by SD Handgunner, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. This past Saturday the Tri State Shooters Club, Inc. held our annual Rifle Sight in Day, Fun Shoot & Egg Shoot. We did things a bit different this year and while it worked OK it was different. This year instead of regular Chicken Eggs we used the Steel Egg Racks we had built.


    These steel eggs were patterned after real chick eggs so the size is the same. As can be seen they are attached to a 12" long pice of 1"x1/4" flat iron and pivot on a 1/2" rod.

    The rules are quite simple, each shoot is allowed a maximum of 10 shots to try to hit the 5 eggs. For every egg hit the shooter receives 1 point. In addition once the 5 eggs are hit that shooter receives an additional point for every one of the 10 shots not fired. So shooting 5 eggs with 5 shots would be a perfect score of 10 points, shooting 5 eggs with 6 shots would be a score of 9 points etc.

    The courses of fire are as follows:
    Rimfire Handguns with either Open Sights or Non Magnifying Red Dot Sights @ 25 yards
    Rimfire Rifles or Handguns with a maximum scope magnification of 9x @ 50 yards
    Rimfire Rifles or Handguns with unliminted scope magnification @ 100 yards
    We also run a Centerfire Course @ 200 yards

    We didn't have any takers in the 25 yard class. In the 50 yard class I shot both my Custom Ruger Charger and my Custom Ruger 77/22. I shot the Charger first and managed a score of 9 points hitting 5 eggs with 6 shots (I missed my very first shot). I then shot the 77/22 and managed a score of 10 points hitting 5 eggs with 5 shots.

    I then asked my 9 year old grandson if he wanted to shoot the eggs. He said sure, but that he had to go get his Marlin Youth .22. I asked if he wanted to shoot grandpa's Rifle and he said sure. I then asked if he had the $2.00 entry fee and he said NO. Before I could even say that grandpa had 2 bucks his dad paid his entry fee. We got my grandson set up at the bench and I coached him a bit, instructing him where to aim, watch his breathing and to squeeze the trigger. He managed to shoot a score of 10 points hitting 5 eggs with 5 shots. By the time he had hit the 3rd egg with his 3rd shot there was a few people standing around watching cheering him on.

    In the end no one else shot the 50 yard class so we had to have a shoot off. My grandson went first and yes his cheering section was still present. I think his nerves got he best of him as the second time around he only managed a score of 4 points hitting 4 eggs with all 10 shots. Next it was my turn. As I readied myself I whispered to the lady keeping score that the shoot off should be harder than the initial shoot and told her I was going to shoot for the 1/4" iron holding the eggs. She nodded in agreement and just smiled. Well I only managed a score of 3 hitting 3 out of the 10 shots so my grandson won the shootoff.

    His winnings were $3.00 (1/2 of the purse for that class) and when I gave him his $3.00 he handed me a dollar back. I asked what that was for and he just said "grandpa you shot really good too so you should get something too". I tell ya guys I darn near melted I was so choked up by what this 9 year old had just said.

    We also only had 3 people shoot in the 100 yard class (actually two people but I shot with two different guns, the Charger and 77/22). One of my buddies shooting a Custom Nordic Ruger 10/22 won hands down with a score of 10 hitting 5 eggs with 5 shots. I only the other hand made a grave error in that I tried using Kentucky Windage rather than rezeroing my Charger and 77/22. Let's just say that due to my lack of judgement the eggs were really safe from me on Saturday at 100 yards.

    All in all I had a great day. I really truely enjoyed shooting the Custom Ruger Charger in the new Custom Stock (even though it is not totally finished as yet). Truth be known I enjoyed shooting the score of 9 at 50 yards more with the Charger than I did shooting the score of 10 at 50 yards with the 77/22. This new custom Charger Stock fits my hand way better than the other Charger Stocks I have tried so far.

    Next year I guess I have to push a little harder to get guys to shoot in the 25 yard class. Hopefully next year we can pick a better day for the shoot so more people can attend.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. What a great story! I got something in my eye there reading about him giving you a dollar because you shoot really good, too...

    Sounds like you and his dad did a great job with him.

  3. Thanks, I had something in my eyes also when he did that.

    I was thoroughly impressed with the young mans marksmanship and attitude. He is quite young and truth be known this is only about the 5th or 6th time I have had him at the range.

    His birthday is Sunday at which time he will be 10, then he can start shooting a .22 at our Indoor Shooting Range. Yes it is going to be a busy winter for me as I will have 2 grand daughters and a grandson shooting not only our Clubs Indoor Bench Rest League but also the 3 Position Youth Rifle League.

    Thanks again

  4. Dalton Wayne

    Dalton Wayne Epic mustache Millennium Member

    Apr 5, 1999
    Central Florida
    I went to an egg shoot with muzzle loaders where if you missed the egg you had to eat it raw fun times
  5. That doesn't sound like a good time at all, at least not if a person missed.

  6. You shoot that off a bench?

    Eggs at 50 yards should be shot standing.

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