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  1. I'm gearing up to reload .40 S&W and in doing my research have come across plated bullets. They are cheaper than jacketed bullets but not as cheap as lead and since I'm shooting a Glock, the plated bullets look like a good compromise. Are there any procedural differences in loading plated vs. jacketed?

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  2. Just get some FMJ's or JHP's from Montana Gold Bullets. Same price as most of the plated bullets out there but they are jacketed.

  3. Boxerglocker

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    Load plated as if you are loading lead. Keep the velocities down below the recommended max by the manufacturer. I used to load Berry's 155 and 165 for .40 good bullets for a G23/27. I would recommend a slower powder for the plated... WSF/WST. I did have very good results with TG though in the 155g RNDSHB, very accurate and good recoil pulse for a mid-upper range .40 load.
  4. The only thing for a newbie to worry about is not being able to find data for plated bullets. Plated data falls between jacketed and lead. So you may have to do some extrapolating, which may be a little unsettling in the beginning.

    They are plating bullets much better and thicker that they were just a few years ago. I believe Berry's says that you can use jacketed data. But IMO you would be wise to start closer to the lead data.

    I exclusively shoot plated in 9mm and 45, and love the results.
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    Let me start by saying that "All Plated Bullets are Not Created Equal". I have been shooting nothing but Xtreme Plated Bullets (Use to be called West Coast Bullets) and I feel they are the absolute best plated bullet on the market. They are consistant in weight, size and very accurate. Plated bullets should not be loaded as +P loads or over crimped. I load all mine (.45,.40, .38/.357 and 9mm) on the low end of the recommended loading scale and they shoot great. I have checked some other plated bullets and have found them to vary quite a bit in weight, uniformity and more thin shell copper clad.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Here is what Berry's has to say:

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    MG's are great bullets no doubt but at best you still pay $20 a K more over Berry's and even more over a Ranier in the same weight style bullet.



    At my round count of 2K a month (now in all 9mm and .45) that can be $480 a year, hence the reason I gave up .40 for the majority of my reloading / competition shooting needs.
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    Is there any bulk discount with Xtreme Plated? I would order 10K at at time, for max discounts from Precision Delta's 124 FMJ's at $70 a K. That a significant savings over Xtreme Plated for the same bullet profile and weight. What gives?
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    Berry's and Rainier plated bullets have thin jackets and should be used with lead data.

    Xtreme bullets are thicker jackets and should be used with jacketed data (the thickness of the plating is identical to cup and core jacketed bullets).

    I use Xtreme plated bullets in my personal ammo and my commercial ammo.

    You can also get Xtreme plated bullets for $20 per K cheaper than Montana Gold's case price. Getting a case of 180gr FMJ from them is $120 per K shipped. Xtreme plated from TJ Conevera will run $99 shipped. The plated bullet will be 100% encapsulated to prevent the base from being burned by the powder and will keep your gun cleaner as a result.

    The question you have to ask yourself is if you are willing to save $20 or not.
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    Thanks for the heads up Freak, unfortunately TJ Conevera doesn't list the 124g in 9mm. I would like to give those a shot if I could break the $70 a K mark for 9mm. I'm not impressed with the Raniers at all, the Berry's have been good but still about the same price as PD FMJ's.
  11. Rainier didn't do it for me either. I really like Berry's and although they are a bit pricey, that's what I use.
  12. For blasign ammo, the PrecDelta jacketed is quite a bit cheaper than most plated. Nothing wrong w/ plated bullets but price lately.
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    OK, I give :dunno: what the hell is "blasign ammo" Fred?
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    Actually, I think you SAVE money at Montana Gold?

    Yes, if you buy 1000 from MG, vs. 1000 from Berrys... MG is more expensive.

    HOWEVER... I don't see on Berry's site where they give a quantity discount. At MG, you can get 2700 bullets for $295. At Berry's, it's $331 for 3000.

    Break that down into price per bullet (amount / number of bullets), and MG is under $.11 per bullet ($0.109), whereas Berry's is over ($0.110). Not a HUGE savings, but if I can get a QUALITY jacketed bullet for less than a plated bullet? No brainer. And it's certainly not *more* expensive as you said, and it's not like you have to make a huge order to get the quantity discount.

    I ALWAYS try to take advantage of bulk buying. Just like when I order primers online, I get a minimum of 10,000, and try to get some powder with it. That makes the hazmat fee spread out further, and brings total cost down.

    Math is your friend. :supergrin:
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    I agree Ron bulk buying is where you see the real savings... I try to do the same.
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    Yes. If you get 200 lbs of bullets they ship them by freight instead of UPS and also large quantities gets a discount. There are usually 6 or 8 of us who shoot together and place a large order. the last large order we made was something like 112,000 bullets. I got 10,000 myself of 9mm 135gr bullets. Here is their web site: http://www.xtremebullets.com/ and their ph# is 1-800-482-2103.

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    Thank you, I'll look into them.
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    I don't think they make a 124gr. I know Berry's does and that's what I have 1K left of. I changed all my ammo over to 147gr for the 9mm, mostly for suppressed shooting but it's also softer and more accurate for IDPA/USPSA shooting. I just wish the bullets were cheaper like the 115gr and 124gr.
  19. BLASTING. My fingers don't want to work after I wash my hands. It's a good thing I don't rely on my typing skills to put food on the table.:tongueout:

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