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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by Gramps4570, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. I just became the proud owner of a very slightly used 34 in OD Green. It came with Dawson fiber optic adjustable sights and as well as the stock barreel it came with a s/s Fire Dragon comp barrel. Looking for some load data to use with the comp barrel. I have plenty of Montana Gold 124 jhp's. Yes I am a proud Grandpa:whistling:

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  3. what powder, brass and primers will you be using?


  4. WiskyT

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    5.8 Unique is the max load listed in Alliant Speer data for a 124 Gold Dot. I've used a lot of that load and they run 1250fps out of my G17. I used it with 124 XTP's and 125 Zero JHP's and the results were the same, great.
  5. shotgunred

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    124 gr bullets are a good choice. With a stock g34 any SPP will work. Use an OAL between 1.120 to 1.135. Pick a medium burner and have at it.

    • WSF
    • WST
    • Power Pistol
    • Unique
    • Universal
    • SR 7625
    • HP-38
    • Win 231
    • No. 5
    • HS-6
    • AutoComp
  6. I will be using once fired Speer or Federal, CCI primers, I have Bullseye, 231, Unique, WST, Clays, Universal and 2400 on hand
  7. There's a subtle point in that statement. If the striker spring has been changed, there is the possibility that it may not ignite some primers. Federal primers are thought to work better with light striker springs.

  8. shotgunred

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    OK then start with 4.4 gr of Universal. OAL 1.125
  9. I use that bullet in my G34 racegun with a KKM/Compensator, and have also shot that load out of my stock G34 (OD) with some success. Didn't dwell on it with my stockers though - made up my 124 load to shoot softer than factory, but still run my compensator. However... I use VV N320 so can't help you with your stated powders.
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    I have an idea.

    why don't you start ANOTHER thread about this?

    By my count, you started at least 3 already in this forum alone, not counting the one you started in GG. :whistling:

    Really.... only one is necessary.

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