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LMS Defense Presents Vehicle Tactics (Shooting Package) - Eastern WA

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by stefbo, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. stefbo


    Sep 21, 2004
    DATE: 1-2 August 2010

    COURSE LENGTH: 2 Days, 0900-1900 approximately (we will train until complete)

    COST: $400 (this includes the cost of purchasing and disposal of the vehicles)

    HOST: Okanogan County Sheriff’s Department

    LOCATION: OCSO department range – 200 B&O Okanogan WA 98840 – You will receive specific directions upon registration

    INSTRUCTORS: John Chapman & Kevin Williams

    CLASS SIZE: Min 12 – Max 16

    COURSE SYNOPSIS: The Vehicle Tactics Course is designed to train the student in life saving skills and tactics in, on and around vehicles. This shooting course focuses on shooting in, on, from and around vehicle. Subjects trained in depth include fighting from inside the patrol vehicle, vehicle stop shooting tactics, vehicles as cover, and an extensive vehicle ballistics lab.

    Duty handgun, holster, 3 magazines and 400 rounds of ammunition
    Cover garment and holster if you regularly carry your weapon concealed in your car
    Patrol long-gun, sling, 3 magazines (for rifle) and 300 rounds of ammunition
    Pen and notebook
    Knee and elbow pads
    Eye and ear protection
    Sunscreen or raingear (as applicable)
    Adequate personal water supply
    Sack lunch and snack food (We do not leave the range for lunch)

    John Chapman: John is a retired police Lieutenant from California, with 20 years of patrol, SWAT, firearms instruction and tactics training experience. John has operated LMS Defense, a full service public safety training firm, since 2006. John has developed the Vehicle Tactics curriculum based on personal experience and deep study of critical incidents in and around vehicles.

    Kevin Williams: Kevin has been a member of the LMS team since 2006, and is a very experienced firearms, tactics and public safety trainer. Prior to entering public safety as a career, Kevin was an airborne infantryman in the 75th Ranger Regiment. Kevin has dedicated his professional life to studying lethal force incidents and passing on the lessons learned.

    Stefan Wolak

    *** Non LE/Military prospective students will need to submit a training resume and proof of good character to me for approval prior to registering. Contact me via the email address above for more information ***
  2. stefbo


    Sep 21, 2004
    Come on out for an awesome oppertunity guys.

    We have dudes flying in from out of state in order to attend. .mil sneaky pete's, LE cool guys and retards like myself will be in attendance.

    How often to you get to shoot from, into, and through cars?

    Did I say you get to shoot cars?

    Bring your duty ammo and see how it performs against various barriers in the vehicle.

    Crazy things happen out in Okanogan CO and you never know what extra events we will be pulling out of our sleeves during this course.

    This is not an oppertunity to miss.

    I did mention that we are shooting cars and stuff right?

  3. stefbo


    Sep 21, 2004
    We are a month and a half out and getting full, get in while you can.
  4. stefbo


    Sep 21, 2004
    Some rumors have been flying about the ammo count.

    I talked to Kevin the other day about ammo and the word I got was-

    -There are some addtional things they are in the process of working into the training plan.
    -As of TUES 06/17/10 the ammo count has not OFFICIALLY changed.
    -It is STRONGLY RECOMENDED that you bring more ammo if possible.
    -If you have to cart some extra home, so be it. I do not think you want to be the guy that cannot train to the max because you did not bring extra.
    -The local Walmart is doing better with ammo supply, but do not count on being able to get any ammo within 100 miles of our fair city.

    Like I said, and have hinted at before, the intent for this class is to push beyond what is normally accomplished in a two day course like this.

    FYI, for anyone that is on the fence, we are getting close to having the class full. Express your interest and get in while you can.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2010
  5. stefbo


    Sep 21, 2004

    We are three weeks out and have had a cancelation (unfortunately, me as some mandatory .mil training got moved around and this class is right in the middle of it). With me bowing out, this leaves two slots open that I am tracking on.

    If you are *****footing around on this class, you are about to run out of time.

    The ammo count has been upped to 500 rounds for each platform as a minimum. The more you bring, the more you can get out of the class. Keep in mind that if you do not forecast your ammo properly, then resupply around here is a very chancy thing.

    The plus side of having to bring in extra ammo is that extra’s have been added to the curriculum beyond your “typical” VT type course.

    I have been told that a third instructor is being brought in to ensure a 3 or 4 to 1 student/instructor ratio.

    People that are in the know about this class are flying in from all across the country.

    This is a class that is not offered very often. Get out here, shoot some cars, meet some good guys and get some great training.

    I will be out of communication from the 22nd of July on. If you have any special needs or questions on the class, let me know.