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  1. all of the above for the most part. However I think so long as your listing them somewhere people will see whats there. If they are to lazy to research the site itself than that's their problem. You've done all the leg work. Make them do something.

    Like I said I don't get on the Internet all that much. I have periods where I do more so than others. Infact I wasn't using the Internet at all for this purpose 2 months ago. I managed to find 99% of these sites with no help.

    Just keep in mind some people would have you wipe their (/) if your willing.

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  3. Got a 1000 9mm and they work and look great.

  4. I haven't ordered reloading supplies from this company yet. But I did or some loaded ammo(45 and 380) at very competitive prices(they have piles of 380 ammo).Also you don't have to order 8 gillion items to get a volume discount. It is also a very user friendly website and the number of items in stock is listed next to each item. I got my order within a week of my order being placed.
  5. I don't see on your list. Needs to be added under "bullets"
  6. I know some of the suppliers listed here are big names and it goes without saying that they are reputable. But for the lesser known names on the list to people like myself, are they reputable and honest? Has anyone actually ordered from them and had good experiences? Just sayin'...should there be a list of "bad guys" to avoid? Maybe there already is, if so excuse my ignorance.:supergrin:

  7. I would say most of them have had business from people on this site. I don't think some one would recommend them if they ran some kinda scam.
  8. Just a side note. I am currently waiting on an order from one of the suppliers on this list. Ordered Feb 15th, still have not received product. I'm getting vague answers to emails and some not answered at all. Seller says order shipped, but has not provided a tracking number. I'll report the outcome, good or bad.

  9. Seller issued a full refund with no explanation.
  10. Beware Owner

    Beware Owner NOT a victim.

  11. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    Why would you not tell us? At least give us a heads up on who who to avoid.

  12. PM's sent to IGF and Beware Owner.

    If anyone else wants to know, PM me. I didn't know if moderators would frown on postings of this nature. If they approve I will post it here.


    DEADLYACCURATE Senior Member

    put cabelas on all of the categories
  14. Kula

    I was wondering if anybody had trouble with this company. I think I got scamed. Placed a order for 500 bullets on March 7 on line, and recieved a confirmation email saying my order was taken. Then I call and find out if the order was shipped and get no help. Left three phone messages and one email with no responce.
    Has anyone else delt this company if they are lagit!!
  15. I have got a few thousand 9mm & 45 from them with no problem. I got a busted box one time called and complained and they sent a few hundred right out.I also know others that use them with no problem. Don't sweat it bro you'll get you're Bullets.
  16. Bello

    Bello America/Italia

    chimed in for a quick save.
  17. Great List

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