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  1. Sticky! Much easier for the newbs that haven't already found these places. BTW, add Widener's to the list for primers & bullets.

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  2. another vote for sticky!!!!

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    Not sure how many of you like plastic ammo boxes, but if you're not fond of MTM for whatever reason, I've used these w/ good results.
  4. +1 for the sticky.
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    No need to vote ;)

  6. Thanks for the sticky.
  7. Natchez and powder valley is where I get most of my supplies. Are you reloading for your Glock? If so, remember to stick with jacketed or plated bullets unless you change to an aftermarket barrel. I loaded a lot of plated bullets before I started using an auto progressive press. On my progressive I had a little trouble with the plated bullets deforming slightly when seating. Jacketed bullets seem to seat without a problem. I like to buy jacketed bullets directly from Montana Gold.
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    The links in the first post.. You really need to edit them out.. Quite a few of them just go to Kempf, despite showing they should go elsewhere. Not sure how that happened, but all you need to do is copy/paste the URL in the edit, you don't need to use the URL feature.

    The first 3 sections are good... The last 3, there's about 1 or 2, that doesn't go to Kempf.

    Do you work for Kempf?.. :)

  9. I dont use the URL feature it does that on its own. Ill go through and recheck them all.


    All fixed as far as I know
  10. Midway USA sells the products in every category. Presses, primers, powders, you name it they sell it.
  11. just bought .45 ACP bullets from Roze Distribution, 1000 rounds. their code: R118-A

    i did a bunch of research and they won based upon a site that tallied what competition shooters were using.

    Roze says 4-6 week delivery is what I should expect.
  12. Got my Zero #118 230 gr LRN from Roze Distribution today. Very nice looking bullets. Unfortunately, I had to change 2 variables tonight when I reloaded: 1) the bullet (to the Zero brand from the Vance brand) and the powder, from Unique to WW231. I'll being going to the range tomorrow to test my new reloads.

    A note on the Zero #118 bullet, seemed to have a bit less in diameter than the Vance 230 gr LRN bullet.

    A question on the powder: I loaded 4.7 grains of WW231 (range from the Hodgdon Powder Company web site was 4.3 to 5.3). My only concern from searching the web was many people seemed to be loading much higher than 4.7 and above 5.3 grains. I'll see how they shoot and report back. Will be shooting them in my G36.
  13. Went to the range. The new bullets and load worked 100%. They loaded, shot and extracted perfectly. The load was lite. Way less kick than factory ball and less than my normal 4.1 gr of Bullseye. I will reload more with the same formula as the accuracy seemed right on.

    [original post early Sept. edit done Sept 29.
    Just ordered another 1000 of same bullet. For my Glock 36 (.45 Auto) there is no leading. The uniformity and quality of the bullet is excellent. Only change to my load is had to switch to WW231 cause no Bullseye on the shelf.
    MY Disclaimer: use only approved information from official sources. FYI, I am currently using 5.0 gr of 231 at this time.)
  14. Indy are you sure it wasn't your computer that day. I didn't noticed any problem. I have been down the whole list 2 times.

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