Limited Edition G19 'Dark Earth' frame

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  1. I've located one of these special run Glock G19s that I have an interest in. Its NIB at a retail store for $600+.

    This is a Gen 4, so that aspect makes it a little questionable. The intriguing features are the 'Dark Earth' frame color and the fact a limited number were produced. I've read that Dark Earth is the current military spec color for combat gear.

    This might be a Glock with long-term collector value. Shouldn't these Glocks appreciate over time just as the ODs have?

    Do these special run pistols receive extra attention at Glock during the manufacturing process (tighter QC)?

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  2. If you really like it just buy it, but don't rely on it being an investment. I recently bought an OD frame 32 for $425 it was LNIB with maybe 100 rounds through it, and a little before that I bought a very early all original (black parts/tupperware) G19 LNIB for only $400. Now I'm sure I could throw these on one of many gun auction/sales sites and someone who just absolutely has to have it would pay me some ridiculous price, but I don't rely on them being an investment or really appreciating in value. Its sort of "there is one born every minute" type deals when it comes to buying/selling these type of pistols.

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  3. Thanks. Maybe the ODs are out there if I'm just patient. Your buys are a lot better than the one I have in mind.

    I'm not counting on value going up, but appreciation that keeps up with inflation would nice.
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    Glocks will only ever be worth what somone is willing to pay for them.
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  5. So true. However, I own S&W revolvers that are worth quite a lot more than I paid. Older Marlin rifles are appreciating. I just think if we choose guns carefully, someone will be willing to pay more in years to come. A limited run Glock may hold value or appreciate some because few were made.
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    In my experience, the Glock clan is much more practical and about "using" the pistols, rather than collecting them. For example, this (collecting) forum is pretty slow compared to many others here, like Gen'l Glocking... Also, the Glock Collector's Association is awfully small - barely enough membership to keep itself going. So, you see, collecting Glocks is more about long-term. They're the Colt SAA's of the 21st century. In the year 2150, a NIB 1st Gen G-17 will command big bucks, as will probably your FDE. But, for our lifetimes, not likely a very good investment. My collection is in the safe, and I've already told the 10-yr-old they are hers and that she should not sell them, if at all possible. Pass them on to her grandkids, and it will be one heck of a collection, and they'll be impressed with wisdom of great-great-grandpa. :)
  7. Um, no.
  8. I hear ya. I have 'collected' only S&W pre-lock models and older Marlin rifles. I started buying S&Ws decades ago just because I loved them, and I've never sold one. I started looking for pre-Remington Marlins when the company was sold in 2008.

    I never thought about collecting Glocks. Then I learned that these limited editions come along every so often. The Dark Earth special run appeals to me because it is a current military spec color. These are uncommon Glocks that might hold value. I'll shoot mine (if I buy it) just like my others.
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    Pix or it's a hoax.
  10. Thanks for the pic. That is a good lookin' Glock, in my opinion.

    With respect to price for one of these, how does $550 out the door sound (gun, sales tax, background check)? I thought this was a Gen 4 with 3 mags, but its a new Gen 3 and 2 mags. That puts the G19 price at $515.
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  11. I was about to say...I thought they did a second run of them. My LGS had them last week, FDE Gen 3 for $499 and Gen4 for $525
  12. Thats good info, thanks. I'll work on a lower price with my LGS.
  13. I was about to pull the trigger on a used Glock 21 then I found out about the FDE a couple weeks ago. The FDE Gen4 G21 are really hard to find. Luckily Cabela's had it in stock. Will post pics tmw. I'm super pumped. I love the bigger mag release on the Gen4 G21.
  14. Yeah, that price seems a little steep. I picked up a Gen3 G17 FDE for $525. They had Gen4 at the time, but I prefer the Gen3. I haven't looked recently, but if they aren't going to do another run, you may have to pay a bit of a premium to get one.

    Edit: Check There are a lot of FDE glocks on there for $475 and up.
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  15. The fde went fast at the 2 gun stores that i frequent.It seems like the gen.3 was the most requested.I agree with the above poster if you want one go to gunbroker because i would bet you will start seeing the prices going up soon.
  16. I heard at my LGS yesterday that another run of FDEs is scheduled for October and then again next February. Sounds like they will be around for a while, which is good news.
  17. I got one yesterday...NIB birthday was Sep.19. Its a Gen.3 ...535 out the door. Like it a bunch...
  18. Good looking, aren't they? I think these are as handsome as the ODs. This color combo has grown on me.
  19. PhotoFeller yes sir,I have a 22 in od green also... like your quote...good day

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