Light Primer Strike with Zev Striker Spring and Fiocchi Ammo

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by triggerjerk, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. Hi all,

    I was shooting my G37 today.
    I have installed a minus connector and a Zev light striker spring. I am using a Zev as I tried a Wolff spring and it didn't play well with the trigger safety reset and I have had good luck with Zev in that regard.

    However,today I had one light primer strike on a Fiocchi 124gr .357 Sig fmj round. Does Fiocchi use "hard" primers? It happened once out of 200 rounds. I haven't had this issue before with Wolff 4lb springs. The primer was marked with a tiny round dimple in the center, not the typical Glock mark.

    Should I go back to a factory striker spring or will an extended tip striker prevent this?


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  3. Yes. Fiocchi ammo is known by having hard primer compared vs Federal or CCI. In my opinion in order for you to have a balance firing system you need the lightweight striker. I had the same issues and once I did that no more issues in my Glocks....

  4. Either a lightweight firing pin with a 4.0# spring or a 4.5# spring with the OEM firing pin.
  5. Thanks guys!

    Any recommendations on a lightened striker? I see there have been some threads
    where the stikers have caused issues or galled due to being titanium (not steel with a ti coat).
  6. Jager if you can find one Glockworx if a Jager is not available.
  7. There are many good ones...Jager, ZEV.
  8. Thanks again. I am really loving the .357 Sig cartridge.
    I enjoy shooting it over .40 and .45 . . .
  9. I used a 3.5 connector and a striker spring in my G22 and had light strikes. I took out the striker spring and put in the heavy trigger spring and came out with about the same thing without light strikes. It works good. I didn't use the safety spring.
  10. ron59

    ron59 Bustin Caps

    Even CCI primers are harder than Federals.

    With a light striker spring, CCI won't detonate reliably, I had close to a 7% failure rate in my reloads with CCI primers and my USPSA gun with Ghost Rocket setup.

    Using Federals, I've yet to have a light primer striker issue, and I've shot 30,000+ rounds with that setup.
  11. I just installed a Zev lightweight striker with the extended tip.
    I have only dry fired it.
    The weird thing is I can now feel the striker spring being compressed as I press the trigger.
    Is that normal?

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