Lighning questions

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by goatranch, May 21, 2007.

  1. I recently was hit by lightning and everything was running through a surge protector except, you guessed, the modem. Argh!!! It fried, the power supply and probably the CPU fried.

    My question is I leave my PC on almost 100% of the time. Should I shut it off during storms or on weekends when I will not be working?? Even though it now has two surge protectors with modem going into both??
  2. Just having it shut off will NOT protect you against lightning!

    Unplugging everything (LAN cable, modem cable, power cable) is the safest route during a storm, but not always most practical. Running all devices thru surge protectors and UPS' is the next best protection.

    All the good (not $3 variety) surge protectors and UPS' have insurance coverage for damage when your devices are plugged into them.

  3. I am running EVERYTHING now through a Philips surge protector AND a UPC battery backup/surge protector. I guess you live and learn...sometimes the hard way.

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