License plate readers: A useful tool for police comes with privacy concerns

Discussion in 'Civil Liberties Issues' started by 4Rules, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. no reasonable expectation of privacy in the public view, so whats the hub bub?

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  2. [/QUOTE]

    Was at the AT&T store the other day. They wanted me to upgrade to a GPS enabled phone. That way they could activate it at their will and find me IF they ever "needed" too! So, ankle tags aren't needed for the majority of people. We already carry a GPS signal for anyone with the technology to track. (Even if they are turned off - on the newest phones I was told. Part of a phone "Theft Recovery" program.)

  3. I've got a few concerns of my own about this topic.

    1)Does anyone know what involved in putting a "flag" on your plate so that it cannot be ran by civilians? Is there a fee for doing so?

    2)Is there anything that you can legally put over your plate to protect it from being scanned by plate readers? or simply to obscure it from view?

    3)For a civilian running a plate.. how large are the fees and do you contact the DMV or county clerks? Also, how lengthy are the forms and what reasons do you typically need to run a plate?
  4. Is a flag always an option, or is a special reason required?
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  5. True. Those same taxpayers elected representatives that passed laws requiring licensing vehicles for use on public roadways. Those licenses are also, by laws enacted by elected representatives, required to be in public view. What, exactly, is your point?
  6. On your first and third questions, I don't know. As to your second, you cannot obscure your license plate in any way, at least not in my state and municipality.
  7. Parking authorities have been using these for a long time to catch violators.
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    1-- contact DMV to see if its possible in your jurisdiction

    2-- contact state police or your local jurisdiction to verify if its legal (most likely not)

    3-- contact DMV. Usually for a hit and run where you got the tag of the jerk that hit you

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  9. You cannot obscure your plate in any way in TN.
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