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LFCD experiment

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by fredj338, Apr 11, 2010.

  1. fredj338


    Dec 22, 2004
    So I wanted to see why everyone thinks they "need" a LFCD. I bought one in 45acp & made a small test. All loads were shot off the bench @ 15yds, but it was a bit windy (12-15mph/9-3:00).
    The gun is a lightly tuned 1911, match quality Barsto bbl. All loads were using WST in matching cases. The dies were Dillon & the only diff was crimp. I will do another accuracy test trying a softer lead bullet. The lead bullets used were cast from WW alloy, about 13BHN. The results:
    Initial obs is the LFCD isn't plated bullet friendly. It seems to treat the hard lead bullets about the same as taper crimped. The jacketed shot very poorly, but could have been the wind. Another test for another day & we'll see if it holds up. BTW, all loads functioned flawlessly.:dunno:
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2010
  2. GioaJack

    GioaJack Conifer Jack

    Apr 14, 2009
    Conifer, CO
    Apparently the 'magic' of the LFCD only works for other shooters... you're just one very unlucky old man.

    (Remember when you had 30 year old eyes and you could put 5 in the X at 25 yards offhand? I stand a better chance of reading a Korean newspaper than ever doing that again. :crying:)


  3. El_Ron1


    Apr 15, 2004
    Redneck Sparta
    The LFCD is a gateway drug that can lead to Loadmasters.
  4. Snapper2


    Feb 22, 2008
    s.east Texas
    Nah, twas the wind. Either the wind or alot of support from the LFCD nonbelievers drew those off the mark. He was probably under alot of pressure too.:whistling:
  5. Uncle Don

    Uncle Don Wood butcher

    Jan 24, 2004
    I've said before that I don't use one on 45 (when using lead) , but I have a little different story to tell in regard to the rifle fcd. A few years ago, I got into shooting a K31 Swiss of which I shoot only lead. I discovered immediately that the rifle actually didn't like spire point bullets and preferes flat points at both 100 and 200 yards. Initially, I didn't use the fcd and had what I considered favorable results. In the next batch, I used it and the results showed that the groups of the same loads at the same ranges grouped considerably better. Got third place in my first competition shoot. I've been using it ever since.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2010
  6. ilgunguygt

    ilgunguygt Enslaved in IL

    Thats IMPOSSIBLE! I have read here, and other places, that if you even so much as put your FCD around lead bullets they automaticall shrink to the next smallest caliber and cause everything from poor accuracy to erectile dysfunction.
  7. fredj338


    Dec 22, 2004
    I didn't post it Jack, but later, after the wind died a bit, I did put 8 into less than 1 1/2" offhand @ 15yds w/ that lead bullet load (non LFCD). WST & that particular 1911, it's almost too easy, even w/ my old eyes.:highfive:
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2010
  8. Rick from Kali

    Rick from Kali

    Sep 21, 2002
    these groups were shot from my Win Mod. 70 which is stock using jacketed bullets at 100 yds. the lee fcd did not work too well for me. ymmv
  9. steve4102


    Jan 2, 2009
    Interesting test, I like it. I have a LFCD in 9MM, 10MM, 40 S&W and 45 ACP. I have only been loading and shooting handguns for about 16 months and I have used the LFCD on everything I have loaded. Guess it's time I load a bunch with and without the LFCD and see how my accuracy improves or suffers.
  10. dudel


    Dec 10, 2008
    Texas Hill Country
    Interesting test; but when you know in advance which rounds are which, you tend to prejudice the results (and we already know your inclination). A double blind test would have been more useful. Have someone load the mags for you so you don't know what you're shooting. Have them score the targets and tell you the results.
  11. fredj338


    Dec 22, 2004
    I Yeah, I like to think I am sensible enough to do a test fairly, otherwise why bother? KInd of like cheating at golf. If I can prove the LFCD is more useful than a tc die, then why wouldn't I want to use it? I can admit I am wrong when it happens. Maybe I'll have my buddy give me loaded mags next time w/o telling me what is what.:dunno: Trust me, I am all about using the best tools/technique to get the best result. What I am not about is taking a blind faith word on this or that w/o testing it myself, especially when I have been loading great ammo w/o the LFCD for almost 33 yrs now.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2010