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Lets talk Glock 19 Tac Light.....

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by DrunkenParrot, May 20, 2010.

  1. DrunkenParrot

    DrunkenParrot THE RESISTANCE

    Ok i am in the market for a new tac. light for my G19 and have been doing some research on which light to get. I am on the fence on 2 lights. First is the ....
    * Insight Tech gear WX150™ Tactical Weapon-Mounted Light
    * Surefire x300 weapon-mounted Light.

    So here are some specs.....
    Insight WX150.....
    Peak Output: 150+ Lumens
    Run Time: 125 Minutes
    Interface Options: Adjustable Slide-Lock®
    Dimensions: 3.2”L x 1.6”W x 1.5”H
    Weight: 4.0 oz. w/Batteries
    Waterproof: 1 Meter/3 Feet
    Lithium Battery Power: 6V from Two (2) 123 Batteries
    Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Surefire x300 specs......
    Max Output 170 .0 lumens
    Tactical Runtime* 2 .4 hours
    Length 3 .6 inches
    Bezel Diameter 1 .0 inches
    Weight w/Batteries 3 .8 ounces
    Batteries 2 123A
    Warranty lifetime on the original owner.

    Pics of both models on a Glock 19....

    I love the brand surefire, i have owned many products in the past and have been very happy with all the products i have owned. But on the 19 the surefire x300 doesn't fit to well, and this is where the insight model comes into play, it looks great on the 19 and doesn't stick out as far. It looks like it was made to fit the 19. So what say you? Which would you get. I have found the Insight light for 159.00 shipped as for the surefire well 249.00 so with price in mind also, what do you think? Either way which ever that i choose i will have to send my light to NTAC to get my holster fitted for the light for the 19 .......thanks :wavey:
  2. akgunnut


    Feb 17, 2007

    I have been really pleased with the Streamlight TLR-1.

    I have no experience with the two you mentioned.
    Last edited: May 20, 2010

  3. DrunkenParrot

    DrunkenParrot THE RESISTANCE

    I really like the streamlight trl-1, but mounted to the 19 i just dint like how the mount extends past the frame of the gun. I also didn't like the mounting screw compared to other mounting systems. This is why i am looking at other lights. I did like the brightness of the light and small package and price. The surefires mounting extends past the frame of the gun also, but not as far as the streamlight. If i was going to use a light on my 17 I would choose the stream light.
  4. benji-g-19


    Apr 30, 2010
    Surefire looks good! It gets my vote
  5. Flipz


    Nov 9, 2009
    Ive had the Insight WX150 on my G17 for almost a year and I love it. Construction material and fit & finish are excellent. The controls are great. The beam is very precise with a nice size flood area. I highly recommend it.
  6. Jdog


    Sep 10, 2007
    wasatch range
    I have the X300 and it's so freaking bright... I use it as a regular flashlight while camping
    If I had to do it again... I just don't think I'd spend that much cash again.... I'd go cheaper until this recession ends
  7. I chose the GTL-10, by Glock. It's got a Xenon bulb (as opposed to an LED) and is about 60 lumens... enough that I can light up the creek behind the house... 60 or 70 yards, at least. That's plenty of light. And it fits the Glock like a dream.

    One thing to consider in a gun-mounted light, made to be turned on when it's dark in the house, or outside (usually right before firing) is that while it may temporarily blind your opponent, a very bright light will blind you, too. Even when pointed away from you. And if you've got your gun up and trying to aim and defend your family, that's a really, really bad time to be flash-blinded.

    Try it in the house tonight. All the lights out, sleepy, eyes adjusted to the dark. Flashlight up like a gun, and peeking around a corner. Turn the light on. Tons of light, reflecting off the doorjamb, or the door, or the wall. Can you still see? Not likely.

    Try to find the numbers on mailboxes out in the country with your Surefire flashlight from within the car. (Hint: Don't try this in traffic. And stop the car first. You won't be able to see for a bit!)

    Now, exactly how many lumens do you want attached to your gun?
  8. The Insight mounting bar is better than the clamp type mount on the X300 or TLR-1 IMO.
    Other than that, it's a toss up.
  9. F_G


    Jan 11, 2010
    Crown King, AZ
    I compared all 4, the Insight WX-150, Surefire X-300 and Streamlight TLR-1 & 3.

    I didn't care for the mounting on the Streamlights and the switch on the TLR-3 was too far out in front of the trigger guard. I was able to compare the beams of the WX-150 and X-300 and I prefered the beam and the wash of WX-150. Plus, as you said before, it just seems to fit the G19 really well.

  10. Ryanty12


    Nov 23, 2009
    Tampa/Orlando FL
    Go with the x300. its what i have on my 19 and its just badass to say the least. You can literally see the beam in a lit room. Its a clear white broad beam. At night shining it in the woods and trees it just lights everything up. You will not be disappointed. Also Surefire has the lifetime warranty so you really never have to worry about buying a new light EVER again. The insight just looks like trash to me (IMO of course) but a lot of people like them. Surefire is a brand you know you can trust. Eventually i want to do the lasermax guide rod laser assembly with my x300 and maybe a hogue grip. Good luck on the rest of research because I also did a lot before I chose the x300. The two I was choosing between were the x300 and the TLR-1. x300 FTW. ALso the fit on the railing its COMPLETELY secure and the battery housing is also extremely snug. Its even a lil hard to close the battery compartment because of the o-ring. Only down side is the carbon build up that gets on the lens after you use it at the range but you are still able to see a bright beam through the build up. Just an easy clean when you get home and take down your weapon. The light is pretty light when you pick it up at first. You dont expect it to weigh that less but once its on your 19 it just looks and performs great. What else can I say..The momentary on when you just push the switch in and hold it so you dont have to walk around your house our outside with the beam at a constant on. It doesnt have a strobe, but I dont know why anybody would want that on a weapon light. Seems like it would be harder to acquire your target IMO. I know doing research you want to hear all these little extra things you dont know about. OK thats it. Happy Hunting.
    Last edited: May 20, 2010
  11. Flipz


    Nov 9, 2009
    Youre calling the Insight WX150 trash when you were thinking of buying a TLR-1? Not that the TLR-1 is trash or anything, but the Insight WX150 is far superior to it.
  12. Ryanty12


    Nov 23, 2009
    Tampa/Orlando FL
    Also dont spend $250 on a brand new x300. Look on eBay or your local gun dealer. A good low price that I have found and bought mine for was about 189 which is 200 after tax.
  13. Ryanty12


    Nov 23, 2009
    Tampa/Orlando FL
    I have no experience with it. I said "it looks like trash" i did not say anything about the quality. I gave my opinion of the weapon light that I ACTUALLY have. Like i said, "some people like it." LIke YOU. you like it, good for you. Im not going to say your an idiot for getting it. I didnt get the TLR-1.
  14. latexan


    May 23, 2009
    will the glock glt-10 flush mount to the front of the trigger guard like it does to the g17?
  15. that Insight 150 is a sexy light :shocked:
  16. Joshhtn

    Joshhtn The eBay Guy Silver Member

    Mar 31, 2009
    Middle Tennessee
    surefire gets my vote.
  17. randyc74


    Mar 10, 2008
    Northern Illinois
    I looked at several lights before I setteled on the TLR1. At under $100.00, it's the best bang for my buck.

    Last edited: May 20, 2010
  18. RayB

    RayB Retired Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    We've got a SureFire X200B and XTI Procyon weapon lights, and I can promise you that while the SureFire reputation for excellence is well earned, the Procyon gives the X200B one hell of a run for its money!

    The predecessors to the SureFire X300 were the X200s A & B. The X200A offers a tight, long range spot beam, while the X200B emits a wide, even flood beam. The latter is far better for dedicated indoor use.

    While SureFire never officially discontinued the X200s A & B, the X300 is obviously their successor. The X300 design attempts to combine the performance of both X200s, and it appears to be an excellent compromise to produce an all around performer.

    To my knowledge, Insight never officially discontinued the XTI Procyon either. But the WX150 seems to be its obvious successor. The newer WX150 offers another 25 lumens of output.

    Evidently, the proportions and dimensions of the X300 and WX150 are about the same as the models they replace.

    As to fit on the G19, the Surefire is longer, but narrower, and nests perfectly within the curve of the trigger guard (see attached) of Judy's 3rd Gen G19. It’s as if the two were made for each other.

    I like the feel and operation of the SureFire's swich better than the Insight's, but both are easily reached with my index finger and very functional. Both are ambidextrous. A remote pressure switch is available for the X200/X300, and while I'm sure it's coming, I haven't seen one for the WX150.

    In terms of performance (see attached), the X200B and XTI Procyon are so close, it's a virtual toss up. Both lights easily illuminate an entire average room, especially when skipped off of a white ceiling. This is pretty impressive, coming from a lens the size of my thumbnail! :wow:

    The Procyon and WX150 offer a strobe function, which certainly does momentarily confuse (ask my wife & son!) an intruder, caught in the pulsing glare. :freak:

    Another thing I like about the SureFire over the Procyon, is the hinged battery cover, which stays on the light during a battery change. In dedicated field use, this is a consideration, IMO. :eyebrow:

    I don't use the lights enough to compare and critique battery life. Suffice it to say that both lights are LED-efficient, and both offer impressive run times given the size of the power cells.

    Note that light output, light quality, and run times are improving with every new generation of this technology.

    As to light quality, the room in the attached pics (this drives my wife nuts) is in no way, pink! (There, honey, I’ve said it!) The last pic shows the actual color of the room (it’s closer anyway) in daylight. LEDs are getting better in this respect; the latest CREE LED, for example, is supposed to approximate natural light better than previous generations of LEDs. That this matters in a tactical situation, I sort of doubt. :headscratch:

    I don't own a Streamlight TLR-1, but I've handled them--including the new C4 variant. The TLR-1 appears less hardened than either the X200/X300 or the Procyon/WX150, but it's a very nice light for the money, in particular the C4 generation. The set-screw mount is a point for or against, depending on the shooter. A remote switch is also available for this light.

    If I could keep only one, I'd keep my SureFire X200B, since I have it.

    If I were to pop for another weapon light, I'd shop for an XTI Procyon/WX150, as I think they're the most bang-for-the-buck, and a remote switch doesn't interest me.

    Final Note: The Surefire X200/X300 does not allow for the use of a LaserMax Uni-Max, rail-mounted laser, on most, if not all, Glock pistols. I found this out when I received a LaserMax LMS-UNI-G green laser as a gift. The XTI Procyon, however, being shorter bodied, fits nicely! :thumbsup:

  19. j-glock22


    Sep 20, 2001
    Central Ohio
    I have the TLR3 on my 19. Beware of so-called battery run times listed on the light specs..... most are overrated, but other than that there are alot of good lights out there. STreamlight is a good budget choice, its bright, and holds up well while shooting.
  20. Scamp

    Scamp Geaux Tigers!

    May 10, 2009
    Great review RayB.