Let's talk ankle holsters

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by u n v kenny, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. Who wears one for their smaller G models?

    I sometimes wear my Galco ankle holster with my G27 when I'm not working, and wearing sneakers. I just can't find it helpful/comfortable when I am working.

    IE: I wear Rocky 5010 boots, and they come up a decent amount over my ankle. It's just not that comfortable with the boot on there as well, so I don't wear it while working.

    Anybody else have this problem? Or have a solution (other than wear low top sneakers for work)?

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  3. I wear a DeSantis ankle holster with my Bates Durashocks on duty. I haven't had a problem thus far. It doesn't print at all, but my pants do fall slightly differently on my boots, which is hardly noticable.

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  4. Mushinto

    Mushinto Master Member

    I used an Alessi ankle rig for a G27 in uniform for years.
  5. I carry a G27 in a Galco Ankle Glove as my BUG when I'm on duty. I've never worn it on my ankle when I was off duty. I can't imagine that it would be very comfortable and I really can't draw it very quickly.
  6. Mayhem like Me

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    This is what I were as well went to the ankle from my vest my chest is just too big to comfortably carry in the vest.

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  7. I wear 6inch Danners, my Galco sits nicely on top of the boot.

    Before I purchased my boots I wore dress shoes and the 27 on my ankle was uncomfortable. It never stayed put.

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  8. lawman800

    lawman800 Juris Glocktor

    G26 in an ankle glove, done it for years... until the new tapered skinny leg jeans came into fashion... along with the skinny suits... ruined that for me.
  9. Thanks for the input guys. Any pictures? Or willing to take any at any chance you guys get? Obviously a picture doesn't do justice for something that you have to "feel." Just interested.
  10. lawman800

    lawman800 Juris Glocktor

    Did you buy the boot extender strap that lets you wear it more comfortably around a boot?
  11. Tagged for interest, I have the same question. Currently carry my G27 BUG in a Desantis Nemesis cargo pocket holster which is nice, but the pistol + extra mag can really yank my pant leg around especially when running (i.e. foot pursuit). Plus our newer incoming duty pants have a much smaller cargo pocket that won't accommodate the Nemesis. I figure an ankle holster is the next best option.
  12. No Sir, link?
  13. http://[​IMG]

    G27 in a Renegade wrap around....been carrying it for several years....
  14. Does this work better/worse with certain kinds of footwear (shoes vs. boots)? Any differences with/without socks?

    I wear full height Danners in the winter, and 3/4 in the summer so I want an ankle rig that doesn't rely on the boot to hold it in place.
  15. Same question
  16. I currently wear it with 8" Rocky Ft. Hoods as my duty boots, but I have used it with loafers and running/ tennis shoes and jeans with no problems...the one whole side is soft Velcro so you can wrap it as tight as you need it...on the inside is faux lambs fur, so wearing it with low socks and running shoes isn't a problem...

  17. I assume what you are showing is the Renegade "Cozy Partner" holster as shown here? It looks like there are a few knockoff elsewhere online that are also called Renegade, so I want to make sure I'm researching the correct product. I actually think I already have one of these for a snubby revolver, got in a box of stuff one time but never bought the snubby to go in it.
  18. It looks like it....but I've had it. For so long, I don't remember what manufacturer it came from....on the stiff Velcro side, it says Renegade, Pheonix, AZ I think, I'll have to look when I take it off in the morning....currently on my ankle as we speak!
  19. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    I carried a G26 in a Uncle Mikes ankle rig for about a year. Gave it up for a lighter gun and have carried a jframe in the same holster for several years. No complaints, its never come unbuttoned, even in a ground fight or running.

    I wear 8" boots and wear the holster on my calf at the top of my boots. Stays concealed better that way and the top of the boot supports the weight of the gun.
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  20. lawman800

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  21. galco ankle glove. J-frame and Kahr PM9. very comfortable.

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