lets talk about the Confederate flag.

Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by speedsix, May 6, 2010.

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  2. What do you think you're better than me HUH!!! 46,000 posts dwarfs me sure... :postingqueen:

    but, I have a Flag!!!!!


  3. And at that time, the same exact thing was true of the American flag.

  4. marksiwel

    marksiwel My Mommy's Calling

    God bless America
  5. Critias

    Critias Freelancer

    Two Civil War threads going at once? Terrific. It's like having the same argument in each ear, stereo-speaker style!
  6. Hucklebarry

    Hucklebarry Native


    Thank you. I was talking with some friends just the other day, and I told them that there had to be at least ONE yankee up there that had a brain. At least ONE. I'm going to print this post and prove to them that I was right.

    Thanks, again. :supergrin:
  7. The one thing I don't understand is people making such a big thing out of the CSA flag. Guessa what I'm southern and never owned a slave and neither did my ancestors. It's like southern whites should have no ancestry. It looks like to me that African-Americans would hate Africa more than they hate the CSA because their own people sold them into slavery but you never hear anybody mention that. The best thing for race relations is a good battle cause when the bullets are flying you depend on each other.
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  8. marksiwel

    marksiwel My Mommy's Calling

    the last person to tell me that was a Black Women 2 weeks ago.
  9. what he said.

    brave Americans fought and died by it,makes it honorable to me.but i`m still a Damn Yankee!


    confederate flag means white people?

  11. We live in a media dominated society. Unfortunately the kkk decided to use that as a symbol and we've been bombarded with that image ever since. Since that's all the context we ever see that flag in anymore, it's become the general perception by the population that: confederate flag = lunatic supremecist.

    Not a platform many would want to defend lest they be labeled a racist.
  12. 'Postwar Austria, as the old joke has it, managed to make most of the world believe that Ludwig van Beethoven was an Austrian and Adolf Hitler a German.'
  13. Indian symbol not Japanese.
  14. marksiwel

    marksiwel My Mommy's Calling

    I'm sorry all I cant his of is this looking at your avatar is this

    Swiper no Swiping!
  15. Very true...
  16. BamaTrooper

    BamaTrooper Almost Done

    I assume by CSA flag you are speaking of the Confederate Naval Jack and note one of the other 12 or so Confederate flags that don't bear such a negative reputation?

    Hell, a few months ago, I had someone mistake the ALABAMA flag for the "Rebel flag" and he was adamant about it. I brought him to my office and we looked up all the flags and we made sure he didn't run off half cocked spewing his misguided umbrage onto other people.
  17. I am much more offended when I see the Mexican flag. We can get rid the Confederate flag when everyone waving the Mexican flag is thrown out of country. I won't hold my breath.:steamed:
  18. I found the end result of the big controversy regarding the Georgia State flag rather amusing. They removed the old Georgia flag with the 'naval jack' because it was considered to be 'racist', but they ended up with a replacement flag that has the striking resemblance to the original CSA National Flag (Stars and Bars).
  19. marksiwel

    marksiwel My Mommy's Calling

    so what was the flag before the Civil War?

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