lets talk about the Confederate flag.

Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by speedsix, May 6, 2010.

  1. Clearly the South was worried about losing slavery. As others have posted 3 of the first 5 amendments in CSA constitution deal with protecting the institution of slavery.

    Heck, you could argue that they cared more about protecting slavery than protecting freedom of religion, press, due process, the right to bear arms, etc. All of these rights were enumerated in their constitution well after slavery was.

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  2. Lincoln made West Virginia a new Union state during the war. And they were allowed to have slavery.

  3. 1811guy

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    I love the fact that they added "In God We Trust" to it - getting two birds with one stone.
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  4. marksiwel

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    Would Africa be such a mess if we hadnt had the slave trade and the Europeans had colonized it?
  5. Berto

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    Wrong. The CSA Flag as YOU see it no longer represents the idea YOU wish to display.
    Welcome to the Pussification of Amercia.
    Learn to respect other viewpoints, instead of wetting your bed over them.
    At least you don't own a pit bull.
  6. Multiple court decisions that were starting to limit slave trade and tightening the reigns on control of slave use and trade. Combined with the fact that many thought of Lincoln as an abolitionist during his election. The abolition of slavery would have devastated the economy of the south, whose agricultural base relied on slave labor.
  7. Why didn't the Union states free their slaves before they invaded the South?
  8. It is not the Confederate Flag causinf the problems...it is the liberal wing and some loudmouth minorities trying to exert their dominance on society. When the race wars come it will be settled. :tongueout:
  9. Because they wanted slaves too, the union didn't fight to free slaves, they fought because they were too proud to let the CSA secede.
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    I never said it wasn't an issue I said it wasn't the de facto reason for the war. I really shouldn't have posted in the first place. I know how these threads end up. No persons opinion is going to change as most are to emotionally charged. I'll step back and let you folks have any opinion you care to have.
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    Well that had slaverly before when they were part of the Union, I believe that was part of their deal to become part of the Union. Also Lincoln needed all the Border states he could get during that time, look at what he did in Maryland to keep them in the Union and to protect the Capital.

    Also the South wanted to expand further South into South America/central america
  12. Berto

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    Yep. Helter Skelter.
  13. I find it amazing that so many can stand up and say that are proud patriots of the United States of America while at the same time flying the Confederate Flag which represents a time when the Southern States did not want to be part of the USA. I've always felt it was unpatriotic.

    The problem with the Confederate Flag is the type of people who have historically used it to symbolize their movement/feelings towards people of color, jews, etc. While many of you may want to try holding on to all of the "Southern Pride" that goes with the flag, it's image has been ruined. Growing up Black in the South I distinctly remember that flag being flown by the more outwardly racist folks in the community. It's kinda hard to shake that image and many people of color have had the same experience.
  14. Similar situation for me. I have always thought that CSA Battle Flag was one of the best looking flags out of american history, and the only flag I liked better was "Don't Tread On Me." Then the damn skin heads, neo-nazis, and other race hate groups started using it as their flag, and turned it into a symbol of intolerance, hatred and white power. Very sad, but there is not much that can be done about it now.
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  15. There was nothing in the US Constitution that prohibited states from seceding.

    Was the Yankee invasion Unconstitutional?

  16. Most likely so White people didnt introduce aids to africa and we didnt introduce war and famine to them they had plenty of practice at that before we ever got there. Did you ever think that its just natural selection? The clorinating of the gene pool you might say.
  17. Berto

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    I find that ridiculous. The same logic could be (and is) applied to the American Flag.

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    The CSA flag and the Confederate Battle Flag are not the same.
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  20. :rofl:

    I think you just summed up all 530+ of marksiwel's rambling posts.

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