lets talk about the Confederate flag.

Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by speedsix, May 6, 2010.

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  2. I agree , and may we NEVER apologize for being WHITE :fist:

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    The "peace" the confederacy proposed was along the lines if "we will keep everything we took by force from you, and you ignore the acts of war we committed against you and let us go our own way.

    Of course there was a buildup of troops around Washington. The "Peaceful" confederacy had already committed numerous acts of war against the union in it's attacking federal forts and seizing them along with Federal Armories, custom houses, arsenals, post offices, and even the U.S. mint in New Orleans.

    The Confederacy had the State militias which they were arming and putting in the field. ( it was the state militias that carried out the seizures, by force, of the various Federal properties.

    The turncoat secretary of war had been transferring arms and munitions to Southern based Federal Forts for some time before he skipped town to join the Confederacy. He is also the one that made sure the Federal Navy was away from the continental U.S.

    Lincoln most certainly did make provisions for peace. just not on the Souths terms. Lincolns terms were for them to return to the Union and there would be peace.

    No the South most certainly did NOT make every effort to avoid separation. in fact they made unreasonable demands followed by threats of separation if their demands were not met. Something the South had been doing for decades. Constantly threatening Disunion and raising the specter of war if it did not get it's way.
  4. None of us was alive during the civil war. Why get all worked up about it . Let's deal with now and what we can do to make things better in our lifetime. and just one more thing I want to say, them yankees shore are a funny acting bunch. If ya'll don't like things down here , just go on back up north :tongueout:
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    FOr the lost causers and neo confederates the Civil war is not about actual history. it's about their current political agenda they want advance with their revisionist history.
  6. Please define" lost causers" and "neo confederates " I am not familiar with these terms. If they are powerful enough to be a threat , then surely I would have heard of them. All of them danged ole yankee zombies is what I'm skeert of :wow:
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  7. If you really don't know what a Lost Causer or Neo-Confederate is, try Googling the terms. As far as zombies, there seems to be a lot in and around Atlanta.
  8. You say "really don't know" as if these are something everybody knows . I am asking the poster who brought it up to explain his definition. Thanks for the heads up on Atlanta. Dad blame yankee voodoo !!!
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    The "Lost Cause" is the mythology and alternate history of the cause of the confederacy that began shortly after the Civil war. It was an attempt ( mostly successful) at whitewashing the confederacy and distancing itself from the role of slavery in the cause of the civil war.

    Many of the leaders of the confederacy changed their tune after the war denying the things they had said before and during the war. And sought to portray their actions a noble upholding "States rights" downplaying\denying the role of slavery in the motive for their actions.

    Neo Confederates are the modern day confederate worshipers that continue the tradition of promoting the myth of the "lost Cause".
  10. Thanks for the history lesson. I am impressed by your knowledge. A man needs a hobby ! However I still fail to see the present world importance. Them yankees we got down here nowadays are worst than ole Shermans boys :shocked:
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    We have a saying about the Yankee tourists in my neck of the woods.

    "They come down with a five dollar bill and a pair of shorts and never change either while they are here."

    Yankee's are the tourists, DAMN Yankees are the ones that move down here.
  12. A man after my own heart. I think we need a sign on the Mason Line that says " welcome to the south, ya'll go home now "
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    Yeah, but most people are dumbasses, they don't actually have sense like you do.

    The Southern Cross will always be a part of the South, and Southern heritage...no matter how much Sharpton or anyone else pisses and moans about it. You can't expect people to erase their history just because you have a stick up your ass.

    Oh well, piss on 'em...I don't really give a damn what flag somebody is flying, I have actual problems to worry about.
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  14. Let's not and say we did...
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    Everyone is too paranoid about offending someone resulting in their loss of self esteem. Our country has turned into a nation of weak-willed pansies.
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    This change in courtesy toward others may also reflect that the folks one used to be able to bully with impunity now won't take it anymore and are willing to fight back in public or in court. Do you subscribe to the theory that An Armed Society is a Polite Society?

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