Lets compare .308 vs. 7.62x54

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by W420Hunter, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Ok so I will start off by saying I have one of each. The .308 is a federal arms FA91, the other is a 7.62x54 mosin nagant. It may be worth noting the inner workings of the .308 has been changed out with H&K parts. I do not really have the range to test them out, hence turning to you guys. So I am looking to find out 2 things. First do they make a rifle that fires the 7.62x54 other then the mosin an the dragunov? Something a little more accurate? The other is how do the 2 rounds match up. What it comes down to is I want a mid to long rifle, thats not a .50.

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  2. Here are the guns.

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  3. Have you looked at the 300 WSM?
  4. Let me edit this I am not looking for a bolt action. I know this will is going to get me some flack but I don't care.
  5. Zombie Steve

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    Why would you want to get a rifle (other than mosin) that shoots a rimmed rifle cartridge?

    .308 has a ton more platforms (bolt guns, AR-10 type, M1A), and is still supersonic at a grand. Do you really want or need more than that?
  6. Well truth be told the part about the mosin was more curiosity then anything. An it would be nice to have a round that large but still a good price to shoot an is more accurate. Or is the round it self the problem not the gun? An do I need it, chances are no, but its nice to have.
  7. The Russians and several Warsaw pact countries are still using that old rimmed round in several LMG's and sniper rifles and it will do everything the .308 can at a fraction of the price. I doubt that any rifle caliber in history has a higher body count. You may want to check out the Romanian PSL, which is basically a stretched out AK in 7.62x54r.
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    I'm trying to understand what you're asking...

    The two rounds are really similar in performance. Both 30 caliber, both running around 2700 - 2900 fps depending on bullet and barrel length...

    The big difference being one is a 110 year old commie rimmed round that is hard to find anything for other than milsurp ammo, the other is a 60 year old rimless American round that you can find anywhere in varmint, hunting, milsurp or match configurations... all boxer primed and easy to reload for.
  9. Zombie Steve

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    Not questioning the potency of the cartridge, just trying to figure out why you'd pick that cartridge for anything other than collecting com bloc rifles.

  10. Maybe you could just put a good after market stock on your mosin have the barrel re-crowned and see where the accuracy goes from there.
  11. You summed it up with your last post. The performance is equivalent and cheap surplus ammo is plentiful.
  12. Semi-auto, you're basically looking a the Dragunov, or the Romanian kinda, sorta Dragunovs (can't remember what they're called).

    Your most accurate bet is probably going to be one of the Mosins which was captured by the Finns and re-barreled.
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  13. find an old svt-40. Try not to beat it up a whole lot if you get one.
  14. Cavalry Doc

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    If accuracy is a big issue, there are plenty of off the shelf rifles in the AR varieties in many different calibers. They aren't cheap, but they do work very well.
  15. Classicarms.us is now selling the Russian VEPR; which is available in 7.62X54.
    I think it's a 22" or 23" barrel, I could be wrong about the barrel length.
    These VEPRs are pretty rare guns in the U.S.
    I was thinking about buying one; but I'm still trying to make-up my mind between the .308 and the russian 54.
  16. In this area, i have to vote .308

    Too many platforms that are far better
    Too many choices in type/style of ammo
    Too easily available

    Just your basic round to round comparison - they are very similar. Wouldn't matter. But everything else-wise, .308 all the way.
  17. In 7.62X54R you have the Romanian PSL, Russian VEPR, Russian SVT 38 & 40, Russian Tiger Carbine, Russian SV-98, Russian Record (Mosin), Finnish Mosins, etc...

    If you want something Com-Bloc but in 308... you can always get a Saiga or Romanian PSL in 7.62 NATO.

  18. That's the biggest reason, right there. Also, the mosin m91's are cheap, $100 at big-5. You can easily arm 4 people for $500. They're a fun rifle to tinker with, but that's about the gist of it. If you want something in semi-auto for 7.62x54r, your options are limited by your wallet and availability. .308 is a much more common platform. I had a mosin, my next high power rifle will be a .308.
  19. I like the 7.62x54 a lot, and most of the guns that use it are excellent. That said, it would not be my choice for match grade accuracy. The .308 wins that game hands down, both because of the availability of many match/sniper grade loads and due to the large selection of guns that can take advantage of the high quality ammo.

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