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Let OX and ALEX Moderate the new "TROLL HOLE" ! ! ! ! !

Discussion in 'Clubhouse Office' started by Alex_Knight, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. Guest

    Oi Vey, gotta give you credit for trying!!

    I say give it to 'em!! ;P ;f


  2. Thanks Steve.

    For your support, I'll assign you TROLL #1 ! ! ! ! !

    ~1 ~1 ~1 ~1 ~1 ~1 ~1
  3. J Sand

    J Sand Lost cause

    Nov 24, 2003
    Playing Hide and Seek...
    Yeah, but you better still get the Ox and Alex Knight forum too. We can't lose that one.;f
  4. Guest

    *sniff, sniff* I'd like to thank the Academy, my mother, Alex's mother, everybody's mother....;9 ;p ^5 ^d

  5. Wulfenite

    Wulfenite The King

    Can Eric rig it so that posters identified as Trolls will automatically have their posts automatically flushed down the Troll Hole?