LEO's who have Glock 22 and 27

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by scccdoc, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. Do you carry the same ammo for both? I was wondering because of powder burn rate vs. shorter barrel. DOC

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  5. Wasn't sure but assumed so, thanks guys.
  6. same......duty issue
  7. Now retired, but I *DID* carry our issue ammo in my G22 and my BUG/OD G27. :cool::cool::cool:
  8. Never gave it much thought, but yes same ammo. Now I'm curious, next time I have the chronograph set up I'll shoot a string through the 22 & 27 just to see how much difference there really is.
  9. Please pm me with results. I reload range rds and may want to change my formula. Thanks, DOC
  10. Morris


    Yes. Policy.
  11. As pretty much everyone else has said yes I carry the same
  12. Yes sir. If the weather holds, I'll get to it MAYBE tomorrow. There will of course be an extra charge for expedited service.
  13. Same ammo. That why I bought a GL27 to go with my GL22. Two guns, one type of ammo.
  14. .165 Gr Gold Dot is effective out of either..

  15. Put it on "account" :rofl::rofl:
  16. Probably better posted in General Glocking...
  17. I asked this question about 5 years ago and someone had data with velocity differences between models. If memory serves me there is about a 100 fps difference between each barrel length.
  18. Sometimes. I foresee that it will be policy soon.
  19. Same,but not policy (yet)
  20. Presscheck40

    Presscheck40 Presscheck40

  21. Chronograph results, interesting and NOT very impressive.

    Ammunition Black Hills 180 gr. JHP so called duty loads.

    G27 average vel. 913.6 fps
    G22 " " 978.7 fps
    Difference 65.1 fps

    Black Hills Ammunition claims 1,000 fps from this load, but no information is provided as to what firearm was used or if a universal receiver was used.

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