LEO Blue Label Glocks in Richmond Virginia

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  1. Good afternoon,

    Does anyone know of any other place besides Town Police Supply in Richmond that honors the blue label glock prices for LEO? I was thinking greentop or southern gun world but I was not sure. A family member of mine (who is a LEO) is looking for a gen 4 Glock 23 for $398 however, Town Police Supply seems to never have any in stock and never know when they will be getting anymore.

    If anyone knows of any other shops in Richmond or surrounding areas that honor the blue label pricing for LEO I would appreciate it if you shared!!!

    Thank you in advance!

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  3. VA Guns & Sports Supply
    731-A J Clyde Morris Blvd
    Newport News, VA 23601
    Phone: (757) 873-4867
    Email: jimug***aol.com

  4. i think Town is it in that area - i drove there from nova to pick up a gssf gun. you can check the glock website, dealer locator, LE Dealers. when i got my g32 a few months back, they had a lot of blue labels in stock.

  5. Yeah the family member of mine has their heart set on a gen 4 Glock 23 (going to be their first glock). I called a few times and they said they have no clue when they will get anymore. I wanted to call greentop but didnt think that they were participating in that program. Thanks for the heads up though. I guess the trip to Newport News would be worth it because of the price.
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    Hold out for Town Police if you can. They are good people and a reputable shop. I bought from them when I lived in Richmond. Hope they get it in soon!

    ETA: Southern Gun World/Southern Police Equipment used to push XD's on everyone that walked through the door regardless of what you asked for. They only seemed to cater to VA State Police Officers that came in. I quit going there after too many times of bad customer service.
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  7. Yeah I think I can convince them to hold off and wait for town police...

    Does anyone know if greentop participates in this program? I doubt they do but they usually have a rather large selection..
  8. Greentop does participate. I just bought a G26 from them Friday. Price was 409. More than Town Police but about the same considering I live in ashland with the price of gas and tolls.
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  9. I had no idea they participated. Will be sure to let my family member know. After shooting my G30 SF they are now torn between the G30 and the Gen 4 G23. Was your G26 409 after taxes or before?
  10. It was 409 before. With the background check, taxes and a +1 grip extension it was 444.04
  11. Green Top has been Glockless for over a week. Only seen a G29 and a used competition G17 setup

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  12. Glockworks

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    Town Police in Collinsville Va also is available, but far away for you. I've purchased a G17 gen 4 from them before. Good luck.
  13. Yea they have some on their website, but you have to make sure that you call them because if you don't, they don't guarantee what they have on their site. I made the mistake if driving down to town police in Richmond without calling them, only person I can blame is myself.

    Also, make sure you question green top,as far as I know they leave their blue labels in the aback out of public sight Because when I bought mine he looked it up on the computer and then went to the back to get it from the archery area.

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