Legalize it?

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  2. Ah, another one of these threads.

    In before someone with a signature line referencing liberty/small government voices their support for prohibition.

    Its for the children.

    Only the lazy, the stupid, hippies, or all of the above use dope.

    I knew a guy once who got high and XYZ happened to him.

    Oh yea, you want stoned drivers on the road?

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  3. I strongly support the 9th and 10th Amendment rights of the people of Colorado to do with marijuana as they see fit.

    The only thing I ask is, please don't tax it. Enough with the taxes already.
  4. @ Lampshade, lol, I know right? I just put this up because for me it was shocking to see this finally going to a public vote. I'm 32, and I am pretty sure I will see weed at the very least be decriminalized in the US, but with measures coming up like this already....legalization could happen.
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    I agree. Legalize it and tax it. Even control of its use would be more effective in a legalized environment. Complete prohibition is much like the "just say no" campaign or "abstinence" sex education - more a denial of responsibility than a solution.

    Here in KY we can't even get casino gambling passed and the churches pouring the money and political support against it are partnered with gambling interests in neighboring states and a state senator who is a serious gambler in those out-of-state casinos. Same issues come up with drugs, alcohol and everything else that is prohibited.
  6. Definitely make alcohol and tobacco illegal.
  7. Legalize it - sure

    But why tax it?

    Are you TAX IT! types also for a higher gas tax? What about jacking SS tax or property tax - or sales tax?

    Giving our stupid government more cash is about the last thing I want to do-

    Government is already TOO BIG - giving them more cash so they can buy more power is about the dumbest thing I have ever heard. And before you try and say - use the money to pay off the debt - think a little - because then you are saying you agree with all the crap the government does now - and you just want someone to pay for it.

    We need to CUT spending and LOWER taxes -
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  8. Legalize it- and don't tax it excessively.

    We should stop taxing anything different than the normal state sales tax rate.
  9. its because it involves taxing "the other guy" and taxing something they don't approve of.

    You shouldn't have to pay a duty to get your liberty back.
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    NOOOOOO :crying:

    If they legalize it, there will be blood in the streets and a shooting at every corner.

    INB4 thebadone comes in with silly 1 sentence replies to everything. roflroflrofl
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  11. +1000

    I wonder how many of these tax drunk libs on here ever bought ammunition in Tennessee? How did that feel?
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    Legalize it if you want, but don't bother taxing it. The people who use and smoke marijuana right now, aren't exactly the type of people who really give a damn about following the law. What makes you think for a second they would pay taxes on it? (you know several states already have laws taxing it and I don't know any dopers anywhere who pay them).
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    Legalize it and tax it the way you tax any other product sold on the open market. You have to pay for infrastructure and vital services some way. Why not tax it?

    That said, I really won't mind if it gets jacked up with an additional "sin tax". Other than sales tax, taxing vices tends to be about the only way to get any revenue out of the 1/2 of the country that doesn't pay any income taxes. If it weren't for taxes on beer, cigarettes and the lottery, they'd never contribute anything.
  14. I agree, there is no reason why we shouldn't legalize it and regulate it in a similar way to alcohol
  15. I imagine it would be charged at the register just like tax on any other retail item.
  16. The medicinal marijuana laws here were kind of a joke. I think most people that voted for it thought you'd get your pot at the drug store not the same guy that was always on the street corner. Didn't think entire college populations would develop glaucoma.

    I say legalize and skip the sin taxes, unless you want to tax the nuts that come to my door with the Watchtower for paper recycling costs.

    The most telling thing to me was the Interior Minister of Mexico getting upset when California was going to legalize. They blame the US for their drug problems but if we legalize there go Mexico's profits.

  17. hOW MANY TAX DOLLARS ARE WAISTED ON TRYING TO STOP IT? Turn the liability into an asset!--Leagalize.
  18. Dennis in MA

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    Legal, not legal. I don't really care. BUT. . . Anyone who decides, "Oh, we can tax THAT TOO" is just part of the bigger problem. Period.

    "Legalize it and tax it" is a political strategy of the small minded and big government. Period.
  19. Bren

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    Because a legal marijuana industry cannot help but put the illegal growers out of business, much like legal alcohol did with prohibition bootleggers. Here in KY will still get to see that battle, when a county legalizes alcohol and the bootleggers fight it.

    There simply would not be profit to make it worth the risk of growing illegally, if there was a legal commercial product. A farmer grows marijuana and sells it to a wholeseller who sells to a retailer - the taxes and tax documents would work exactly like when a farmer grows corn and seels it to the Delmonte to can and send to the grocery store. Making it legal actually takes the industry out of the hands of the dopers - your Saturday night drunks are not the guys making jack Daniels.

    law enforcement typically uses price increases in illegal drugs to measure the effectiveness of enforcement, because the price goes up with the risk. However, the biggest part of the price is the profit for taking the risk, so it is also a measure of the profitiability and attractiveness of the market to risk-takers. End the risk - end the profit - end the market.
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  20. Inclined to agree with this, as well as other arguments in favor. In addition, the results of this experiment would likely furnish data that would make for interesting argument.
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