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  1. A friend of mine goes to public auctions that list guns for auction. When he buys one, they never do paperwork,no background checks-you hand them the money and they hand you the gun.Anyone can get a gun this way.Convicted felons,you name it,they can get a gun this way. My friend has about 100 unregistered guns he has bought this way. Can this be legal?

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  2. depends how old the guns are.

  3. AFAIK it depends on the state. In many states a face-to-face transaction, without background check, is perfectly legal as long as the seller has no reason to believe that the buyer is from out of state, a convicted criminal, etc.
  4. It would be perfectly legal in Florida. No registration process and face to face cash deal is good to go.
  5. Why wouldn't that be legal?
    Thankfully, most states have been smart enough to ignore the Brady Bunch's so-called "Gun Show Loophole" lies thus far.
  6. A convicted felon would have no trouble buying all the guns he could want.
  7. If it's that easy, then why are more than 98% of illegally-purchased firearms purchased in manners other than this?

    If you want to show your support for the Brady Campaign, I'm sure there are plenty of places where you'll find more support for your political ideology than here on a firearms forum. The fact is, in the majority of states, there is no such thing as "registering" a firearm, and face-to-face transfers are perfectly legal. That's how things work in a free country.

    EDIT: If you're uncomfortable knowing that free citizens can exercise Constitutionally-protected rights with minimal governmental interference, I'm sure California would be happy to have you.
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  8. It perplexes me that you ask "Is it legal" and dont tell us the State theyre purchased in. For all we know you live in NYC.
  9. such a nice bunch of guys on glock talk
  10. Assuming OP is both accurately relating the information, and is being truthful - then if they're doing any advertising at all for firearms, it'd be a safe bet that the ATF and/or State/Local police would have raided the events by now if he was in a state where any of this was illegal.
  11. Well the answer isn't to imply that there needs to be more government intervention. Yes, in several states this is a way of purchasing a firearm.

    If you're that worried about what your friend has in his possession, get a new friend.
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    Convicted felons can buy all the guns they want without this particular method which probably amounts to a minuscule number of guns sold overall and even a smaller number sold to those who shouldn't have guns.

    However, if all this bothers you, please feel free to launch a campaign to close the "'insert method of firearm acquisition here'-loophole".
  13. depends upon how the auction is run. The auction house might have to be licensed as a dealer if they are in the business of selling firearms.
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    Or steal them, make them, buy one from a drug dealer, etc.
  15. Drug addicts have no problem buying all the drugs they can afford, and they aren't sold at auctions.

    It is against the law for felons to possess firearms, whatever hoops you make law abiding citizens jump through isn't going to make it more illegal.
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  17. Are you kidding or just trolling? I've been buying that way for 50 years. Can't even imagine a place where a gun has to be 'registered'. Ordered my first 22lr from a catalog. You must be from IL and your friend from MO.

    Convicted felons that want a gun will always be able to get one because they ARE felons and pay no attention to laws, why make it harder for the common man than it is for a criminal?
  18. Exactly!!
  19. Stolen guns I have encountered over the years seem to have come mostly from vehicle burglaries and some residential burglaries. Criminals I have been aware of over the years that had a gun regulalrly had a stolen gun.
  20. We don't like hearing uninformed dribble.

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