Legal in Missouri ?

Discussion in 'Midwest Glockers' started by Reb 56, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Was wondering if .223 is legal for Deer hunting in Mo. I looked on Consevation Dept. web site could find no mention of caliber or bullet weight. All they said must be centerfire and semi-auto must only have 11 rnds total in rifle. Any info will be appreciated.

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  3. yeah it's legal. make sure you use soft points. any centerfire cartridge is legal in mo.

  4. Thanks for the info, I appreciate your reply.
  5. correct.:cool:

    They did ban the .223 years ago. It only lasted one or two years though. Bullet placement is more important than caliber.
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    I don't think MDC ever banned the .223 from the eligibility list for hunting deer. What they did ban, and this eliminated a lot of centerfires, was all bullets had to weigh 60 grains. At the time, there were lots of 55 grain .223 ammunition on the market. It delt out the .22 hornets, .219's, etc.
  7. Hi Ball

    Hi Ball Hi Ball

    Reb 56......The .223 caliber is indeed legal in the state of Missouri! However, I myself would not recommend the caliber for hunting whitetail deer. My wife has used her .243 with good success and I carried a 25/06 for over ten years hunting whitetail, mulies and speed goats out West.

    Now a friend of mine used a pair of .223 for culling springbok in South Africa after having shoulder surgery. He mostly used head shots as they don't waste any meat and those animals go to the sale.

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