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Discussion in 'Reloading' started by CaptainXL, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. I've had a Lee Classic Turret press for about a year now and love it. Have about 5000 9's and .40's thru it.

    I wanted somethin faster and I looked at and strongly considered a 550B, but just can't afford one or nor can I justify the cost.

    Long story short, I just bought a factory refurbished Lee Pro 1000 from the Close Out page of the Lee Precision website. Full factory warranty. The price was only $132. Graf & Sons wanted $166 and Midway wanted $174.


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  3. I looked very hard at one but it didn't fit my needs at the moment.

    I must have read 100 reviews where ever I could find them.

    I know a lot of people loudly hate them, but a lot love them.

    I noticed that almost all the "Bad" reviews included phrases like "Frustrated" and "Broke the.." and "Useless manual"

    The "Good reviews had words like, "patiently", "It seemed complicated at first" and "watched the videos"


    Good luck with yours.

  4. You can't afford NOT to own a Dillon, but hey, I am bias.
    IMO, the goal of the progressive press is to load lots of ammo in a short amount of time. That means the press has to run as trouble free as possible, Lee just doesn't seem to fit that billing. Sure, there are a few that get them to run well & can produce 300-400rds/hr, but a 550B will do that right out of the box & do it for 25yrs. Just sayin?????
    But congrats, hopefully it works for you. The price was certainly right.
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  5. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    I hope you enjoy your new press.
  6. I wish you trouble free reloading, but be prepared for the possibility(or probability) of tinkering with things. Good luck.
  7. I dug my old Pro 1000 out and dusted it off last week.
    I strongly recommend you replace the loaded round ejector with a longer peice of rod, I used a length of coathanger, and bend a curve in it to kick the loaded rounds out sooner. This helps keep the exit chute of the press clear.
    I also put a rubber band around the primer tray to keep the cover from rattling loose. The newer ones may not have this problem.
    If I want to load 100 rounds I put 125 primers in the tray. This keeps the gravity feed working.
    The timing is pretty critical on these presses. I like mine to index into the next position about an inch before the shell plate carrier bottoms out.
    Learning to get the feel of the press I broke the stroke into 5 stages.
    1) I want to feel the cases start to engage the dies.
    2) I want to feel the cases bottom in the dies.
    3) I want to feel the cases come out of the dies.
    4) I want to feel the shell plate index to the next position.
    5) I want to feel the primer seat in the case.
    As you come up with the handle, watch for the primers to slide down the chute as the cases index to the next position. This will soon become second nature and will help avoid problems.
    Don't try to go too fast too soon. With these presses you have to slow down to speed up. I'm not the fastest, but I can load 125 to 150 rounds in about 20 minutes.
    Always look into EVERY case and check the powder charge. I bought a two dollar clamp on reading light and clamped it onto my loaded round container where it can shine into the cases.
    If you do have any problems with any rounds set them aside and deal with them later, don't let them frustrate you and break your concentration.
    They are good presses for the money and I don't feel the need to upgrade. Parts for these are cheap. Get turrets and shell plate carriers for each caliber you load so you don't have to set up your dies every time.
    Have a little patience and i'm sure you will like it.

    Good Loading.
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  8. I have used it for years. Keep the primers full , and throw away any S&B brass mine hates it. It's the only progressive press I've used so can't compare to the guys saying to drop a grand but its been good to me.
  9. I got the Pro 1000 and mounted it using a Lee Bench Plate system [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tPCiZWuflCo"]Small Space Reloading with a Lee Steel Bench Block.mov - YouTube[/ame] because I load off of a folding Workmate bench due to space limitations. With the Lee Bench Plate I can easily use my Lee Turret for .40's and swap to the Pro 1000 for 9 mm's. Will set the dies and run some 9 mm's through the Pro 1000 on Monday. Plan on running about 50 rds without the case feeder to get the feel of the press and then install the case feeder.
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  10. It's been a little over a month since I got my refurbished Pro 1000 from Lee and I have loaded about 500 rounds of 9mm on it so far.

    Initially I loaded approx 50 rounds without using the case feeder to get the feel of the machine. Then I installed the case feeder (with the optional case collator for loading the cases into the case feed tubes) and ran about 100 rounds.

    Then - I purchased an optional bullet feeder for for the Pro 1000 from MidwayUSA and installed it. Set-up of the bullet feeder took a fair amount of time due to poor printed documentation that came with the bullet feeder. During set up I watched a couple of YouTube vids to clarify how the bullet feeder should be properly set up. After longer than expected set-up time and adjusting of the bullet feeder it is working as it is supposed to.

    Comment - The bullet feeder does speed up the loading process but not by a whole lot. The amount of time needed to fill the bullet feed tubes is not that much less than than the amount of time that you would use to place each bullet on a charged case if you did not have the bullet feeder.

    Overall, if I had it to do over again, I think I would still get the bullet feeder. Though it doesn't speed loading time up that much it does simplify the loading process. No reaching to get a bullet and place it on a charged case. Less motion involved in loading each round. Just pull the handle and get a completed round.

    I have also done a simple mod to the primer tray that I saw on YouTube, to simplify loading the primer tray on the machine.


    I was somewhat wary of ordering the Pro 1000 due to all of the bad reviews and comments about it but for me it is working out great. Would I but another Pro 1000? Damn right I would.

    Though I used my Lee Turret press for 1000's of 9mm's in the past the Pro 1000 is now my press for 9's and I love it. My Lee Turret press is now used for .40 S&W and other calibers that I shoot less of.
  11. Mine has been great. The key is to ditch the lamp chain and go with a bungee cord for the powder drop. For 9mm the penny on the funnel case feeder trick works great.

    I got mine as part of a reloading class at my range. The instructor had everyone put it together piece by piece and dial it in correctly. Loaded 100 rounds and then take it home. Given this hands on instruction and instant tech support it was a great deal. However, had I not had this assistance it would have been a different story to set the timing up.

    For 132 bucks I'm going to order another one for a 2nd caliber.

    No arguement that Dillon is a nice unit but the Lee is a viable option for less scratch.
  12. I had one of those years ago. I only loaded 9mm on it, and kept it set up all the time for the same load. It worked very well.
  13. Congratulations.

    I like Lee gear and I think some people are suited to use it and others aren't.
  14. WiskyT

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    Smart people are suited to it.:wavey:
  15. WiskyT

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  16. Well, I am not sure that's ALL of it. As big a fan of Lee as I am, there is the fact that their printed manuals are uhm.. "less that optimal". When I looked at the instructions with my last LCT press I could imagine how confusing it might be or just how many things it should explain and doesn't. "attach the dohickey to the gadget and mount both on the framus" isn't a lot of help to someone who doesn't know a dohickey from a gazinta.
  17. WiskyT

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    Lee instructions are a luxury compared to the pictographs that come in Happy Meal toys. Maybe I'm smarter than I thought?
  18. Not if you're playing with Happy Meal toys there, Einstein
  19. WiskyT

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    Some of them are pretty cool. And true geniuses are eccentric. In reality, I am obligated to put them together. It's part of the Father Code. I also have to pretend I'm mad when they stick the french fires in their nostrils.

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