Leaving Magazines Loaded

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by jonathon, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. Oh wait intruder / bad guy I have to load up my mags, before I can defend myself.


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  2. I am not an engineer and can only speak from practical experience. When some of the people I train left their Glock magazines loaded for an extended period of time without "resting" the springs, the magazines failed to lock the slide open after the last shot. Most of them fed adequately, but did not lock the slide open. Some of the magazines caused feeding problems. After I replaced the magazine springs, they functioned properly in almost every case. The people who took care of their equipment and "rested" their magazine springs did not have any problems.

    No math formula, no scientific studies, just my experience with maintaining over 70 Glock 22 pistols for ten years.

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  3. Glockdude1

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    I am still waiting for at least one of my mag springs to fail in some way.
  4. Well, I suppose that's one approach.

    OR, one could learn from the experiences of others...
    Given that very few of us will ever get to "experiment" with that many pistols, when someone who has had such experience posts it publicly, it is a very valuable resource. ;)
  5. Does anybody here remember when their mags were new? The 3 mags that I have for my 34 were pretty tough when the last few rounds were loaded in. Now, they just slip in. That has to say something for springs wearing out. I too have a 33 rd mag (2 actually for the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 that I am on a waiting list for) and after leaving 25 rounds in it for 3 months (my nightstand gun is the 34 with the 33 mag) the last few bullets barely pop out when I cycle them out. They probably will feed all of the time, but I don't want to find out that they don't at just the wrong time. Yes, I believe that springs loose their "spring"! There, I said it. But from what I've seen, it's true. Go ahead, try loading a brand new mag next to your old one, you will notice a difference. And if springs don't wear out, you wouldn't!

  6. I agree with this.
    You know, all anybody has to do is compare a new mag to an old one to see the difference. It's as simple as that! If anyone actually performs that small,easy test, they could never say that springs don't wear out. I mean really! It is not magic, has nothing to do with anything but the fact that there is a difference. What would cause that difference?

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    My mags are loaded all of the time with no problems.
  8. New to Glock magazines, but my colt 1911 mags stayed filled for over 5 years (I had three) and stood up to almost weekly trips to the range and through quite a few informal local range competitions. Never had a failure.

    I've already bought 3 extra mags for my Glock and plan on getting a couple more. I keep two loaded with SD ammo and the rest loaded with range ammo because I often go at the drop of a hat and it's nice to be able to run off 50 rounds without having to reload anything.

    They're cheap enough that I'd just grab a new one (or two) every year and rotate the older ones out if I were worried about it, but I'm not there yet.

    Just keep them clean and I wouldn't worry about it.
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    My magazines are always loaded when stored/carried, never had a problem with any of them for any of my firearms.
  10. I keep Makarov in my car, never had any problems with magazine.
  11. I tend to keep magazines loaded for the couple of pistols I carry the most. I have never had a problem with them feeding, but always am a little conscious/worried about the springs. Good original sticky article though. Makes me feel a little bit better.
  12. Bill Lumberg

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    Something to be mindful of- all springs aren't the same. No, glock mags won't wear out sooner from being kept loaded, but some mfrs springs, and most pump shotgun magazine springs will fade if loaded to capacity, at least old mossberg and remingtons.
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    Quik question what is so special about the LE/GOVT glock mags? And the reg glock mags...
  14. The LE/GOVT mags have LE/GOVT marked on them. Other than that, nothing.
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    And they were made from Sept 94 to Sept 2004. Thats it.

  16. Always kept all mine loaded & never a problem.
  17. Great Article! Great Read!

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    i was thinking they were made more special then the reg OEM mags, like a special spring. Figured since the're for LE/Govt agencies it would have more advantage....never mind then.
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    No degradation of springs from leaving them loaded. Not with glock mags. The same isn't necessarily true of 1911 and M4 mags.
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