Leaving Magazines Loaded

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by jonathon, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. I have an experiment brewing.I have two mags that I've kept loaded for 10+years.
    I'll let you know.

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  2. I'm one of those that rotates his carry mags. On the first of each month my carry mags & my wife's, get rotated.

    Have been doing so since the mid-80s.

  3. The G18 33rd mag will fit and function properly in a G17/19... so yes there is such a thing as 33rd mags for G17/19. I have one.

    Glock 19 - Gen 3
  4. Awesome article! I'll reference this if I ever get into a conversation about this topic.
  5. victormikelima

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    Good info, thanks for sharing!
  6. Bello

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    No worries metroplex is being a smart ass and knows damn well they are factory 33 rounders
  7. I agree-- magazine is not just something to hold ammo-it is part of a firearm. you can shoot and drop a mag without having to "train doing the same thing because of muscle memory" in an emergency without having to worry about dirt or whatever in your mag, damage, etc. (the whole uncertainty factor-how many times have we found something out after the fact that affects reliability etc.).

    not to mention you have to shoot a few mags just to make sure they function reliably--granted it is practice, but that money could be invested in mags or other needed gear/guns --to be honest I reload and cannot afford to test all my mags (I have that many)

    My dad used to tell me "take care of your tools they will take care of you" glock may be able to handle abuse, buried, thrown, dragged behind a truck in a rocky desert--but you really want to take a chance and have it click when you need it to go BANG?
  8. I once read that Glock suggested unloading them while you cleaned your gun.

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  9. That is what I was told at the last Glock Armorer recertification course.
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  11. Stoy

    Great Article.
  12. Last weekend, I made it to the range for the first time in over 10 years and fired my AA serial # Glock 17 pencil barrel. A +2 magazine(19) had been fully loaded in 2001 and not touched since. (I had complex nerve injuries that severely impeded my ability to keep a steady hand, the guns have been in the safe since). I did rotate the rounds and refilled it before using it. I went through a few hundred rounds with no FTF, and my thumbs will testify to the spring strength. I was able to keep a fairly steady hand for about 90 minutes...glad to be back in the game!
  14. Thanks! I am taking a second look at .380s now. I picked up a H&K USP Compact in .40 last month for a potential CCW. I used to be of the opinion that a 9mm was 'just enough gun' and .40S&W was probably ideal. But today's loads and designs really make the difference. My wife of 10 years has finally decided she'd like to learn to shoot, so smaller calibers(just picked up a single-action .22) have been on my mind.

    Shooting the Glock came back to me quite easily,:supergrin: although not as on target as I'd wanted. Practice,practice, practice.
    The H&K felt good in my hands but I'll need some work to be proficient with it.
  15. I have some that were loaded for over a decade, when used, they were totally functional. I did not intend to leave them loaded that long. Had them in a safe and had other stuff to do for 10 years. They worked just fine. 223 and 45 acp mags.
  16. My 19 Mag was kept loaded to the max for 13 years and still acts like a Glock. I had to buy a Sig to experience a FTE
  17. I have probably some of the oldest Glock mags around from my 1989 Glock 19. One is a 17 round and the other is a 15 round that came with the original Pistol. The bodies are not reinforced, I think some people here call them non-droppable. At the time I was told that the Austrians could not understand why Americans wanted magazines that could freely drop out of their weapons. These magazines have rarely been unloaded and the 17 rounded stayed loaded and lost in the trunk of my car for around 8-10 years. When It was found I it took it out and shot it with no malfunctions. After a good cleaning it and the 15 round mag has stayed loaded every since and that was years ago. Eventually I sold that Glock 19, :faint: but I kept the mags and they are still functioning in my wife's Glock 26.
  18. BADOS

    I have a ton of Glock mags in 9, 40 and 45's. All loaded to capacity with never a problem.
  19. Excellent info! Thanks!

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