Leaving Magazines Loaded

Discussion in 'Valuable Info' started by jonathon, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. jonathon

    jonathon Bowtie Freak

    Original Question:
    Is it okay to leave them loaded for say, a month or so? I have 2 31 round mags with +2's on them.... so 33 rounds total.

    The answer:

    Basically, from what I gather.. its harder on the bullets in the mag than it is on the mag to keep it loaded. Thanks guys!


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  3. Loaded mine aver 3 years ago and they still feed fine.

  4. allglock

    allglock Guest

  5. not a 33 rounder but I kept a couple G17 mags loaded for four years and just shot them a week ago without a hiccup...
  6. All of my mags are fully loaded all of the time and I have never had a problem.

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  7. SlammedDime

    SlammedDime G23 Member

  8. jonathon

    jonathon Bowtie Freak

    I was just worried 'cause of how long the spring is, and the fact I'm using the +2's for +2.
  9. jonathon

    jonathon Bowtie Freak

    That article makes sense.

  10. .
  11. The mags I keep full/ready are never rotated (Glk & AR). The only time they would require attention is if; the mag/ammo became contaminated and/or damaged, or if they needed to be refilled.

    what wears out a spring is flexing, not setting static
  12. jonathon

    jonathon Bowtie Freak

    How'd this get stickied?! ;P
  13. Stickied because the question comes up here all the time, and the answers, even from otherwise knowledgable people, are often wrong.

    Magazines may be kept loaded to their full capacity without any harm being done.

    There is no need to take the last round out when storing them!
  14. Razoreye

    Razoreye ♥♥Adorkable!♥♥

    Since this is stickied then I'll copy + paste the article here for future reference should the aformentioned site remove it. Good read, I was always curious as well.

  15. Agreed. How many people have a G18?

    Maybe the title should be changed to "Leaving 33 round magazines Loaded"

    No telling how many folks that would benefit from this thread that skip over it (like I did) just because it says "G18".

    Just a thought...
  16. SlammedDime

    SlammedDime G23 Member

    Fixed it for ya... :)
  17. metroplex

    metroplex 5.7 Glockster

    FYI No such thing as a 33rd G17/G19 mag. There is, however, factory made 31rd +2 (7151) G18 mags.
  18. jonathon

    jonathon Bowtie Freak

    I'm going to fix up the first post.. and PM eric about a title change then :)
  19. Razoreye

    Razoreye ♥♥Adorkable!♥♥

    I quoted it first!! ;f
  20. jonathon

    jonathon Bowtie Freak

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