Leather paddle holsters - any good?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Lior, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Lior


    Hi, GTers,

    My recent grip taping of my G19C has gotten me into thinking about getting a leather paddle holster that would be kinder to the slide in the presence of grit shed from its grip.

    Are leather paddle holsters any good, and are there any southpaw recommendations of holsters I should look out for?

    With thanks, Lior.

    P.S. Hope this anti-gun legislative orgy blows over soon - too many evil politicians are exploiting common people's ignorance, emotions and biases.

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  3. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    Leather holsters are no kinder to the slide than kydex. Grit and dirt inside either is the primary cause of wear, and grit easily wiped from kydex can embed in leather and be hard on the weapon. Moisture is more of a concern with leather. I prefer leather, but must admit my use is pretty evenly split between leather and non leather holsters. The only holster I've found that secures properly is the serpa, and it's not leather, nor is it very good for concealment. I have a galco Fed paddle. The holster is excellent in every regard, is adjustable for tension, cant, and belt width, but the paddle leaves much to be desired. It has one "tooth" or retaining prong, about 3/4" across, and I don't find it to be full on secure, nor will it accommodate my widest belts. This leads me to prefer my issued galco or strong pancake holsters.

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  4. i have a couple of galco ccp versions, which stay put, but don't conceal very well (at least not on my frame, regardless of cant set).
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  6. Bren

    Bren NRA Life Member

    Pretty much the opposite - sand and debris will fall of of or be easily brushed off of the kydexk, plus the kydex doesn't keep as much friction on all of the gun. The leather is tight to more of the surface and, if there is sand in it, you just wrapped you gun in sandpaper.

    If you are worried about wear and sand, get kydex.
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  7. I have never seen or tried a paddle that concealed well.
  8. Lior


    Thanks for all the tips folks. I'll stick with my Safariland 6378 for now. About concealment - this is not my top concern, but the weather was nice today so I wore my Remora, resulting in a fairly invisible firearm in public with just a t-shirt to cover up. This is also a good holster.
  9. This is a very odd statement because ALL of my custom leather holsters provide great retention. In fact, they have all required a break-in period to loosen them up because they've been too tight. I own Brommeland, Nick Mathews and SideGuardHolsters and they all work perfectly. Leather is greatly superior to kydex in appearance, feel, smell, moldability, flexibility and has done no damage to the four different size Glocks I have carried.

    Perhaps it is a quality of maker issue? Or do you do something to them that diminishes their performance like oil them?
  10. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    It's an accurate statement. I was referring to stability on the belt, not the ability of the holster to retain the weapon.
  11. Bill, that's why I like my CTAC. I consider it very stable on my Beltman belt.

  12. Badger54


    I occasionally use an old style desantis viper paddle for my Glock 19.

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  13. If your currently carrying in a 6378 stick with it. That's the only paddle i'm confident isn't coming off my belt, and by far the best retention system out there.
  14. Bill Lumberg

    Bill Lumberg BTF Inventor

    Will have to check one out.
  15. Not a fan of paddle holsters, since the day gun and holster came out together.
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