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Discussion in 'Walther Forum' started by txeagle, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Hello, everyone. After a long hiatus, I am getting back into shooting. I was shooting a Baby Eagle full sized 9mm but it no longer feels good like it did a decade ago. (haha, nothing feels as good as it did a decade ago) I have a Beretta .380 I love but still want a 9mm to use. My husband is letting me use his Walther P-99 and I love it! So ergonomic and fits me just perfect. I've heard Walthers are cranky and unreliable but so far, it's worked flawlessly. Love it. Happy shooter again.:cool:
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  3. Modern Walthers and most the older Walthers are about as reliable as handguns get.

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  5. I'm finding that out. I am putting in plenty of range time and the Walther just keeps on doing its job. I almost feel sorry for the target, I always leave it with a huge hole in the center.:cool:
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    Walther has some very good and reliable guns, we had a P99 at the rental counter and that thing was rarely cleaned but ran great. The PPQ is still new but it has very rave reviews. The PPS in 9mm has been pretty reliable so far.


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