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  1. Hey Guys,

    I need a hand. I'm having a heck of a time getting all of the lead out of the forcing cone area of my SP101. So far I've tried Hoppes #9, Remington Bore Cleaner, Shooters Choice Lead Remover and Ballistol. Each product I've let soak overnight then brushed and patched. There is that little bit left that just won't come out. Any suggestions?

    Many Thanks

    P.S. The handloads that caused the problem are my target loads for my S&W Model 14, 148g BBWC at 775 fps.

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  2. Tag.

    I always have a just a little that I can't get out as well. I've gotten used to it.


  3. This would go better in the reloading forum.

  4. Use a Lewis Lead Remover. Hoppe's makes a version too, IIRC. They use a brass screen to mechanically grind the lead out. Once you do all you can with the Lewis, have at it with the chemicals. I've used the Lewis on my S&W 686 for 25 years. Works great.
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  5. FAST & EASY!!!!!!!!!!

    ChoreBoy Brass Scrub Pad.
    Cut a little off the pad,wrap around bore brush and push through several times.
  6. Like JohnnyE suggested, a Lewis lead remover is what you need. It is a cleaning rod that comes with two accessories that screws on the end of the rod. One is a cylindrical shaped piece with rubber insert that cleans the bore with the brass screens that are supplied. The other attachment is a cone shaped piece that, once you insert the rod through the muzzle, you attach this piece with a brass screen. You then exert a little pressure as if you are trying to pull it through the barrel, and give it a little twisting motion. It will clean every bit of lead from the forcing cone area in seconds. It won't harm the barrel because the brass screens that come with it are softer than the barrel.
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  7. The other option is copper choire boy wrapped around a brass brush. It has to be the COPPER not the copper PLATED steel. It's a poor man's lewis. Doesn't work as well but it does the job.
  8. Thanks everybody, I'll give it a try.
  9. Picked up a package of Chore Boy last night and tried it. It worked great, I am impressed. Thanks for the tips guys, I do appreciate. I think I will eventually get a Lewis Lead Remover when they are no longer on back order a Brownell's. I just have a thing for cool gadgets and that is one cool gadget! Once again, Thanks.
  10. I have the Lead Remover but find the ChoreBoy works just as well and faster,easier to use and don't need different sizes for different calibers.
  11. Just don't get caught walking down the street with chore boy in your pocket. Some cops will arrest you for drug para. I **** you not !
  12. Like Ken said, Fast,Easy and Works Every time. SJ 40
  13. This ^^^ Patch it first with some Kroil & it goes even faster.
  14. Works for me dry. Hold end of barrel over a white paper when pushed through and see the lead come out.
  15. ...and don't forget about using copper Chore Boy (use a magnet to be sure it's not copper plated steel) to clean out the lead after shooting shotgun slugs! Cut one up and wrap it around a brush, cotton or wool mop. Really gets the lead out.
  16. I'm betting that would cut the plastic wad fouling down to about zilch as well
  17. this^^^
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    OK, I guess I'm not as sophisticated as I thought I was. What the heck do you use a chore boy for that is drug related ???

  19. Trust me it Does. SJ 40
  20. Crack pipe filters

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