Lead for 10mm?

Discussion in '10mm Reloading Forum' started by Fire_Medic, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. Fire_Medic

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    I'm going to be new to the 10mm cartridge, been reloading 9mm and 40SW for some time and I was just wondering if the 10mm is operating at too much speed to use lead bullets? I was interested in getting an aftermarket barrel and thought might as well get some lead also if it's possible.

    Open to all thoughts........:wavey:

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  2. I've been buying plated bullets from West Coast Bullets. McNett in the Alliant Powder sticky has some recipes using these loads. That is how I discovered them.


    The price isn't too much more for plated vs cast, so I just go with the plated. They also offer 220gr. in 10mm, which I likey.

  3. i shoot double tap hard cast lead out of mine, use a kkm 6" barrel but others shoot it with the stock barrel. just have to clean very good they say
  4. Hickock45 seems to have issues (accuracy and tumbling) with shooting the 230gr DT in his stock 20 barrel. However, he says that in his LW barrel, they behave as they should. As good as a shooter as he is, I'll take his word for it.

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  5. Taterhead

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    If one were inclined to make a habit of shooting cast lead, then an aftermarket barrel would be advisable. However, if economy is the reason for lead, then plated bullets are an economical alternative (as suggested by PBRlite). I have shot thousands through the stock barrel, and they are better for indoor ranges too. I load and shoot the DT 200 gr WFNGC hardcast bullet through my stock barrel without issues. I haven't encountered leading issues, but I clean often just to be safe.
  6. Fire_Medic

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    I know I need an aftermarket barrel, my question is are the lead bullets ok with the high velocity 10mm loads?

    I've heard a lot that lead does not do well when pushed too fast? :dunno:

  7. _The_Shadow

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    I cast and shoot bullets from the Lyman 175gr TCBB mould and Lyman 156gr Devastators moulds (this is the hollow point of the same design) I push them to around 1200 fps for my target match loads from the S&W1006. Pushing the 156gr HP's above that allows fragmenting in most media. These are sized to 0.401" lubed with Zambi Red and COAL of 1.250"

    Have worked well from the S&W1006 and G-29 in the stock configuartions, also use these bullets with the 40S&W cases and conversion barrels for both.

    I like Blue Dot and Power Pistol to drive these.
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  8. Fire_Medic

    Fire_Medic Polymer Butcher

    Thanks for sharing brother. :wavey:
  9. I've been using Missouri Bullet Co action series lead 180 grn TCFPs in my 10mm Colt and Mech Tech carbine. These have an 18 Brinnell hardness. I haven't had any leading issue using 5.8 of W-231.
  10. Thank you sir! I just got 1K of those same bullets and I have W231 on hand. OAL please? Did you clock 'em? I'm curious as to about how fast they're flying with that recipe. I don't have a chrono.

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