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Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by LaserMaxTech1, Nov 8, 2008.

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    This thread is designed for general LaserMax questions. Please use this to submit questions regarding current and possible future LaserMax products. LaserMaxTech1 and LaserMaxTech2 are genuine LaserMax employees that can answer any of your questions.

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  3. USMC06

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    Plz sticky this thread.

  4. I've had a lasermax for my 17 for years. I just bought one for my 26. The slide stop spring goes in fine, but when I push it down to allow the slide stop to go through the spring doesn't come back up and push up on the slide stop as it's supposed to.

    It seems as if the end of the spring with the ridges is too wide for the channel it fits into, and it's hanging up in there. I emailed the company and got a reply that suggested they hadn't read my email, so I sent another and we'll see.

    Can I trim the spring to make it narrower? I don't think it's the Glock's fault, because the factory spring works just fine.
  5. RayB

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    Just a quick question and a comment or two...

    You are putting the flat end of the spring into the lower mounting slot for it--not the crimped end, right? The crimped end rests beneath the slide lock, and holds the "switch" in neutral/off.

    That aside, are you certain the spring's inserted all the way into the mounting slot below? That maneuver can be tricky.

    Is the entire spring too wide for the channel, or just the crimped end? I suppose it's possible they packed the wrong spring... If it's just the crimped end causing problems, why not try crushing it a bit with a pliers or vice grip?

  6. Yes, I've taken the factory spring out and put it back in several times to make sure I'm doing it right. The LM spring just doesn't seem to have any "spring" to it. Maybe it's bent. It measures the same as the factory spring at the end that goes under the slide lock (.935 to .95), so I guess it's not hanging up in the channel, which is what I thought.

    I guess now I'm thinking it's just a defective spring.
  7. RayB

    RayB Retired Member


    Hmm. Could be a bad spring... Could be the wrong spring... At any rate, you need a new one! :dunno:

    I'd call the OEM at 1-800-527-3703 and ask them to mail you a couple of springs ASAP! They're on EST, M - F.


    PS. Forgive me, but you are installing the replacement slide lock correctly, with the channel-groove facing the tail cap of the LaserMax and the red markers facing the rear sight, yes? :whistling:
  8. LaserMaxTech1

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    Sometimes the springs need a little extra push into the slot, we recommend that you take the tool provided with your sights (looks like a small punch) and push on the base of the spring just to make sure it's seated as much as possible. If that is still not the solution, then if you want to send me a private message with your contact info, I will gladly pass it along to our warranty department personally. We can get you a new one out pretty quick.

    Thanks Ray for providing some information before I had a chance to log back on.
  9. I purchased a new LaserMax for G23 about 6 months ago. Unfortunately I just got the opportunity to try it our (live ☹). Anyhow, it shut off after the first shot. Sometimes it would come back on for the third and then off again for good. It seems the laser rod w/ spring is moving slightly out of the barrel grove. This happens with .40 oem barrel as well as with a new LoneWolf 9 barrel. It does not effect shoot performance at all. (note: when I use oem rod & spring, this two moves slight out of barrel seat when I check it but again not shooting performance problem at all.) I have wiped the end and the barrel seat well with alcohol to maker sure it is free of any lube.

    I have not yet contact Laser Max – I first wanted to hear if anyone else has had this problem with their LaserMax – (maybe there is a easy fix – stranger things have happened) Thanks all for you input
  10. Sorry if I was not on correct thread :embarassed: : What can I say = a newbe - I'll get better.
    Anyhow, I called LaserMax & they are very nice and are sending me a new battery cap and we are hoping big time this cures the problem.
  11. LaserMaxTech1

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    Just to help anyone with general questions about installation of the Guide Rod Laser in their GLOCKS (and other firearms as well) please see this link for the Installation Manuals and Quick Start sheets.


    We also have an upgrade kit for GLOCKS that came out a few months ago for certain Guide Rod Lasers. Follow this link to check to see if the upgrade kit applies to your laser. Especially if you're getting intermittent activation/deactivation of your GLOCK Guide Rod Laser.


    Hopefully this helps people find answers to questions they've had for a while.

    Keep them coming, we're here to help!
  12. gclefton

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    Hope they are sending a new battery cap and new slide lock lever.

    From the LaserMax webpage:
    "LaserMax has become aware of some recent changes to GLOCK frames. In some cases, the frame changes may affect laser activation of the guide rod laser. Should you find that your LaserMax switch is stiff or that the laser sometimes shuts off during shooting, LaserMax will send you a free upgrade kit that will correct the problem. The upgrade kit is comprised of a newly designed battery cap and slide lock lever. These must be used together as a pair. Once you receive these, please discard your old battery cap and slide lock lever. They will not work if mixed"

  13. Dalton Wayne

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    My lasermax in the last few months has drifted out of alignment it now points about two inches high at twenty feet its on the last couple months of warranty what should I do just live with it or send it in what could cause this I don't shoot with it in I remove it to shoot.
  14. welcome to glocktalk lasermaxtech1!!
  15. I contacted the warranty department and asked for a new spring. We'll see what happened. They seemed eager to help.

    By the way, the new slide lock switch has no red dots on it. It does have a horizontal groove in the middle, which I put facing the rear as instructed. There is also a small indentation on each end, which also face the rear.
  16. Question about future Lasermax products...Do you need a tester?:supergrin:
  17. LaserMaxTech1

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    If anyone has questions about the current LaserMax Holiday Special, you can post here as well.
  18. LaserMax sent me a new upgraded cap & slidelock. Ran two boxes fo 9mm without any problem. Hurray, for LaserMax:supergrin:
    and me.
  19. Getwild2

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    LaserMaxTech1, I'm thinking about getting a LMS-1161 for my G27 and I am curious how you detail strip your Glock with a LM installed. I read that you can push the button from either side and that the middle position is off, but can you still pull both levers down to remove the Glock slide? I'd assume so but wanted to check before spending that much money.
  20. Customer service sent me a new spring and now it works fine. Good job by Laser max getting it to me fast.
  21. LaserMaxTech1

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    Yes, the supplied take down lever by LaserMax (which acts as the activation switch) can still be used as the actual take down lever for your GLOCK. The only difference in the part is that it's a little longer so it can move side to side, and it has stippling on it to give the user that "click" to know they are activating the laser. All other functionality remains the same.

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