LaserLyte RTB-GL rear sight laser review

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by strakele, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Thanks for the comments and glad my review was helpful to someone!

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  2. TSAX


    LaserLyte is one of those hit or miss products, when hit they are really good but when miss its frustrating. I prefer LaserMax and Crimson Trace. If you like their concept/version of laser Id say give them a try. The no need for thicker grip and different holsters is very attractive. And some people dont want a rail laser or switching out their guide rod. On the other hand some people want to grip and activate or turn on with the support hand when it meets the gun.

    For me Ive had great success with LaserMax and Crimson Trace. No first hand with the LaserLyte except for the people Ive known who have tried it or read about using it.


  3. I am curious, would the AmeriGlo +1 Classic Night Gr/Yel front sight only be a good idea? especially in the event of the laser failier Also I doubt the Laser Lyte would mount on the Ameriglo rear sight.
    Of course this all may be academic since im just out the door for Cataric surgury consult & dont know when my procedure will be done & could wind up blind any how.
    If so I will have a couple guns for sale
  4. RayB

    RayB Retired Member

  5. If you're willing to make the few tweaks I listed, I'm sure you could have it running reliably on a 10mm. I think I saw a video of a LaserLyte installed on a Desert Eagle. May have been something else though.

    I have an AmeriGlo tritium front sight on mine coupled with the LaserLyte and it's great.
  6. oh sory i didn't keep the post updated, i did install the LaserLyte on the 29, haven't had any problems so far, no battery cover lossening (i've checked several times) or shut off's (except for the timer turning it off that is) their just wasn't a better option for my needs, and i'm happy with it so far! :supergrin:
  7. RayB

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    I'm glad to hear that it has worked out for you! :wavey:

    I've got a Hogue grip on my G17 and love it! While a piece of inner tube might work well for some folks, the Hogue has much more to offer, with palm swells and finger grooves. Works for me! :thumbsup:

  8. For those that have this sight. Did you install yourself, or take to gunsmith? It seems like an easy DIY project. Any tips on doing it on your own? I have a G26.
  9. I installed it myself. Locked the slide into a vice to hold it still. It'll probably be hard to get the stock plastic one out without deforming it a little. The LaserLyte kit comes with a brass punch to tap the laser in.

    Not difficult at all.
  10. 1 year update:

    Laser has been getting dim recently and turning off by itself. Replaced the batteries and all seems fine. Range trip this weekend to confirm.

    It's hard to say how much time it actually spent on in the past year to evaluate the battery life claim of 5 hours in constant mode, but I'd guess it's pretty close. I've spent quite a bit of time practicing turning it on during my draw, and used it at the range as well.

    The original batteries in my Beretta guide rod laser are still good years later, to give some kind of comparison.
  11. Got one for Christmas and had to return it. Would not adjust for windage. Must clarify that it was the older version (RL-1). Was so turned off that I don't think I will try the newer model. Will either try night sights, red dot, Lasermax (not sure it's worth the $) or just stay stock (practice point & shoot).
  12. strakele,

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the laserlyte. I installed a RTB-GL about 5 months ago on my G26, following your instructions, and have not had a single problem with it.
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  13. Glad this has been helpful.

    As a quick update if anyone is still interested, my laser had been getting kind of flaky.. turning off, dim, didn't want to come on, etc. Last weekend I fully disassembled it, cleaned all of the electrical contacts and batteries, reassembled, and it's back to working as it should.

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