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    I have a Dell Latitude 600 laptop and the powercord is getting a little long in the tooth. The jacket on it is getting frayed near where it plugs into the computer. About 50% of the time I boot it up I get a screen that says something to the effect that the computer doesn't recognize the power source "press F1 to continue". The computer runs fine after I press F1. I assume this has to do with the power cord being chewed up.

    I look online and see all kinds of available powercords. Most of them are so inexpensive that I'm suspicious of them. Reviews range from "Great, I bought six more." to "Worked once, then smoke came out." Is there a good source for what I'm looking for? Is there any particular brand that is well respected? I'm concerned not only about computer performance, but safety. Since it will no doubt be plugged in all the time, with nobody home, I worry about fire with a junk cord.

    Thanks for any input.

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  2. Hope you get lots of response because I have the same problem with my power cord.....

  3. If you want to buy a new power supply, try Radio Shack. They have them. Get the multi type that you can use on future computers as well. You will see a sticker by the power stating the voltage and whether tip is positive or negative. I would be more suspect of the pin in the back of the computer that is cracked or loose. That is much more likely the issue. You can try gently working the power cord while the computer is on and watch the power status light.
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    I'll check out the pin, thanks. This machine has been around for sure. I'll also check out the RS cords since multiple voltages sounds like a great idea and I figure their stuff shoiuld be safe. With online stuff, you don't know what you are getting unless it is recommended by one of the guys on here. Some of the stuff almosts seems like it is made in countries I can't pronounce and then repackaged as made in china, probably by some former general in the red army who is now the lead gangster.

    It does seem to charge fine with no interuption or changes in the power icon, it's just that I get that wierd error while booting up.
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    The ones sold by or branded as LPCQ are usually good and have a decent three (possibly five) year warranty on them. Anker is good as well. I think I have bought a couple SIB branded ones as well. The others, I usually stay away from. Just be sure to check the reviews and make sure the specs are the same (or very similar) to your current cord.

    Sadly, in a lot of cases, it's a matter of hoping for the best, but I've only had a problem with a cord once and it was just because the connector was too big for the laptop. Was able to return it easily.
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  7. Ok, I was looking for a spare charger for my Macbook Pro, and checked Amazon not wanting to apple $80 for $10 worth of parts and $70 for the Apple trademark logo. Most reviews on Amazon were also similar to "went up in smoke after X amount of time." But there was one that was inexpensive at about $25, had only 10 reviews at the time, looked nothing like the regular Apple adapter, and all reviews were excellent. I bought it, and it has since been my main adapter for a year now. I like it more than the stock one. Point is, trust the reviews in this case. If you have enough people claiming that it went up in smoke, don't get it, but you should be able to find a decent one that will not catch your house on fire.
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    Yes, D600. I'll check out your link, thank you.
  9. I have a Dell XPS 1210 Laptop that no longer works...HD went in it...but the power cord is in pretty good shape. Anyone wants it, I would be more than happy to donate it if it helps you out.
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    There is seemingly no limit to the number of cords on Amazon for my laptop. I read the reviews for a half dozen or so and even the "Genuine Dell" (which I don't believe was a genuine Dell based on the price and bad reviews) boiled down to lots of one stars with "melted", "not recognized", etc. I believe those reviews since the number was too high for it to be some trolls idea of fun to bad-mouth them.

    I googled for LPCQ and found them on Ebay. LPCQ is a store and has + feedback and three year warranty. Anker I found on Amazon and seemed to have good reviews, the occasional problem for the charger I would need that had problems was quickly replaced, so they seem like a good way to go as well.
  11. WiskyT

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    Mine is 65 Watts@19.5 volts for 3.34 Amps. It's in the "PA12 Family" according to the label on the transformer. Does that match up with yours? There's a million other numbers on the thing if they are needed to identify it.
  12. PA12 family...65 watt 19.5 v...3.34amps...check.
    Model LA65NSO-OO
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    That's it! PM me for the shipping costs. I'll get you MO out if you want to let go of it.
  14. As far as Anker, I bought one of their batteries for my old Evo 4G phone to replace the original one that was dying. I would say that their battery was better than the official HTC one. That may be a good brand to consider.

    Edit: nevermind, I see that you already have it covered.
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  15. RWBlue

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    I am going to make an odd suggestion...

    Get another Dell one. My guess is you can find them on ebay. The dell adapters are very good. Most of the time the machine dies before the adapter. I have multiples of them from work, but I can not give them away.
  16. I bought a universal power cord for one of my laptops from WalMart. It came with several interchangeable connectors and a switch in the side to adjust the DC power from 3v to 12v and an adjustment for amps also.

    I matched the power setting on the old cord and it's been running my old laptop for a few years now, no issues.

    Paid about $25 for it.
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    I don't think it's an odd suggestion at all. But, I have found two sources of "Dell" chargers on Amazon. Both were around $13.00 and the reviews were along the lines of "ran so hot the jacket melted" etc. At that price, and for that peformance, I doubt they're actually Dell. I guess I could contact Dell itself, but the cost would likely be more than the machine is worth (it's a dinosour given to me by a neighbor).

    FWIW, now that I've started this thread, the thing boots up fine. Also, I don't think the transformer or anything is bad, it's just that the jacket is broken all the way around where the cable joins the computer plug, so it's only a matter of time before the wires inside, now taking all the load of bending etc., break.
  18. WiskyT

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    Yeah, I never knew there was such a thing or I would have just gotten one of those. I have a family member that works for a retailer than sells them for $23.00. I get a small discount on top of that and without shipping charges, it will be close to an Amazon deal. If it dies, I just bring it back.

    That's why I like this forum. I've found several solutions in one day or so.

    Thanks to all!
  19. I just thought that I would share my experiences with the Dell 90 watt charging adapters. I used to go through one every year on my work laptop when I used the velcro strap to secure the wire in a bundle. Now I just slightly coil it up and I've now been using the same adapter for many years. Maybe this will help someone, that cable is just co-ax and isn't meant to be bent often.

    Now I cringe when I see people tightly bend those cables. Our Systems admin guy just did one the other day.
  20. you have a PM.

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