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Laptop Battery Usage

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by DWavs, May 16, 2005.

  1. DWavs

    DWavs Moderator Moderator

    Feb 10, 2000
    Purchased a new Dell and was wondering on what the general concensus was about battery usage?

    Is it harmful to keep it plugged in constantly while using it on my desk or is it better to let the battery go down and then recharge it...and repeat that process over and over?

    What say ye?
  2. podwich


    Sep 7, 2000
    I don't know if Dell does this, but my IBM Thinkpad has a setting that won't recharge the battery until it gets below a certain level. This allows you to plug it in and not charge the battery, saving a bunch of charge/discharge cycles.

  3. David_G17

    David_G17 /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

    Oct 7, 2002
    i believe that was true like 8-10 years ago, but no longer true with today's batteries.
  4. DWavs

    DWavs Moderator Moderator

    Feb 10, 2000
    Thanks for the replies. I didn't buy the thing for constant mobility since wireless is not available in my area so I am just gonna keep it plugged in.
  5. Sgt. Schultz

    Sgt. Schultz Annoying Member

    Most of our laptop users have a several power bricks, one for home, one for the office and one for travel We have always suggested (strongly) to our laptop users to work off the battery at least twice a month. If the laptop is setup correctly you will get plenty of warning before your battery runs down. We tell them that upon arrival to work, not to plug in the AC until the warning and that if they have to leave their laptop to be sure and save everything. Some will argue that this is not necessary with the "today’s" batteries ... but why take a chance.
  6. Str8shootr


    Dec 13, 2004
    I am certainly not a techie on computers, but since I don't carry my laptop much, and it is fairly stationary most of the time, I just took my battery out of the computer and don't use it at all. If I am going to take it somewhere, I will charge it up before I go.

    A computer consultant I use at the office told me heat is the major enemy of the battery. He recommended I get one of those fan platforms to set the computer on to keep it cool, so I did. I think it only cost $20. Be sure and air blow clean the fan platform on occasion since mine gets dusty. Blow it with one of those canned air things........OUTSIDE, or use the vacuum with brush attachment.
  7. Sgt. Schultz

    Sgt. Schultz Annoying Member

    Excellent suggestion ... overheating can and will cause computer/laptop problems.