Lake County for CCW

Discussion in 'Ohio Glockers' started by BlkBullitt, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. I highly recommend Lake County for applying for your CCW. I made an appointment a few days ago through their website, arrived for my appointment yesterday, and a few hours later walked out with my CCW. Nice people and great service.

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  3. Happy to hear that, I'm up for renewal soon! Did you go to downtown Painesville?

  4. crater

    crater NRA Member

    Where is Lake County located? I have time to take a overnight trip in needed. I would actually look forward for a little trip for a week to get away....

    Thanks in advance....

    FYI, I am in the Oxford/Hamilton, Ohio area.....
  5. The party has ended in Lake County, they have been so overwhelmed with people coming from Cuyahoga County that they now work by appointment. I hear they are still processing 60 applications a day.
  6. You can only apply in the county you live in, or the counties surronding you.
  7. I'm not sure what you mean by the party is over. I made my appointment on Monday (3-4) via their website for Wednesday (3-6). It took roughly two hours to go through the application process and wait for my permit to be ready.

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