Laid off so I have time to make KYDEX

Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by KYgundoc, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. Designing new Kydex in my new found spare time take a look.
    Horizontal AR15 Mag holder. Not just a turned vertical pouch but this is made to hold a full mag in place while you run.
    PM me for more info on how to get one.

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  3. I have several of Deans ( Kygundoc) holsters and mag pouches. Great stuff, also one of the best gunsmiths I know.

  4. Bought 2 of them myself
  5. ofox

    I'd like to talk about a holster for my Taurus OSS/DS. Will you be at Bluegrass tomorrow night?
  6. I will be there
  7. ofox

    OK, just in case I'm running late today, about what time do you plan on leaving? I'll try to make it before you leave. Will you need to take my gun with you, assuming we can deal?
  8. I will be there till 7:30 and if I have to make a holster to your gun I will have to have it for a week.
  9. ofox

    Hey!! If that's my holster - it does indeed look good! I think I'll shoot it in the match tonight - cold turkey! It looks like you got the "stringray" belt pad down just right!
  10. ofox

    PS - how is the cant, or angle out from the body when on the belt? I like the grip drawn up snug to my ribs - can adjust in case we get too much outward angle? Thanks!
  11. I think you will like the cant of about 5 degrees and the butt is closer than the slide to your body. Yes some ajustments can be made later if you want.
  12. Hey Dean, want to try to come up with something custom for me? I could use a fast revolver holster and have some ideas of what I need. Trigger guard retention, open top with a bit of barrel retention at the end, and some backwards/right cant for a forward mount. If you're interested, let me know and we can talk it over.


    Matt Griffin
  13. ofox

    Unsolicited testimonial, regarding the Taurus holster pictured above: The holster and weapon are mine. Holster is a great piece of work and I'm a satisfied customer. KYgundoc is the only producer of holsters for this weapon, the Taurus OSS DS, that I could find after a lot of searching. Quality is every bit as good as BladeTech, and in some ways better.
  14. Matt
    I would like to build a revolver holster for you. Here are some pics of a holster I made for my Mod 28. I was trying for a holster that could be used for USPSA and IDPA. See if it is something we could build on or tell me what you want.
  15. Hmm. That might be a start, but I'm thinking more of something like this:

    1. bump that grabs the front of the trigger guard. This would allow the gun to be free once the bump is cleared, for minimum movement before release.

    2. Screw to set retention strength on above.

    3. Rearward cant, about 15 degrees. Best compromise for waist and surrender starts.

    4. No gripping on the cylinder. Once the bump is cleared, I want the thing to jump out of the holster.

    5. Very small shelf to prevent the barrel from tipping backwards if I hit the grip too hard. Perfect would be for the barrel to clear at the same distance of draw as the bump.

    6. Minimal holster material under and behind trigger guard. I want to get my hand on the grip as fully as possible before starting the draw.

    7. Slight outward cant, a la the Bladetech DOH.

    Summary would be a clean grip presentation, somewhere about 4cm out from my front pocket, with a slight rear cant, that releases in 3/4" or so. A swinging lock would be nice, something that would swing behind the trigger guard for between stages. And remember, I'm a lefty. And of course we would have to arrive at a price.

  16. I do not think that can be made from Kydex sheet with out some cylinder support kind of like the old rodgers cup challege holster that was open from top to bottom and was held by the cylinder. To be rigid enough to hold a 625 size gun I think a rail mount like a CR speed would be a better platform than Kydex for what you have in mind. Let me think about it I may be able to put a stiffiner rod at the bottom of the holster to add rigidity. I will see what I can come up with and let you know.
  17. roadforeman

    roadforeman NRA Benefactor

    Dean, Can you make a holster for a Taurus PT 1911AR (the one with the rail)? I can't find one anywhere.

    G. Lee
  18. Gary Not a problem but I will have to have the gun for about a week to form the holster.

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