LaGrange, Georgia (Lake West Point)

Discussion in 'Introduction Forum' started by afishaday, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Retired from the University System and Georgia Tech research faculty several years ago and moved to be close to my favorite fishing lake. I fish most every day on one of 3 lakes near by or in the river above & below the lakes (fish those in a kayak). I am a long-time friend of my S&W .38 but recently joined the Glock family with a Gen 3 26, about which I have a lot to learn! I will read as much and as often as I can... and will try to not ask simple-minded questions that have been asked and answered before.

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  6. Welcome to the forum!
  7. Welcome! I was born and raised in West Point. I watched the dam being built through the 60's and 70's and remember when the lake was completed and filled. Happy Shooting!
  8. Dont worry about noob questions. We have a search function but it never seemed to find what I want. Some of us are eager to share what little we know. Others not so much (eager or knowledge ?)

    :welcome: BTW!
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  10. Hi from another kayaker/glocker!! serpa level 2 mounted inside..(dont wanna swim with a 17c and a full mag...)

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