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Kyle Defoor 2-Day Advanced Carbine - June 4-5, 2011 - Moyock, NC

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  1. Kyle Defoor 2-Day Advanced Carbine - June 4-5, 2011 - Moyock, NC


    Kyle Defoor



    Kyle Defoor is one of the world's most committed and passionate shooting instructors. Literally growing up with a gun in hand he took his talents into the military where he was combat decorated as a Navy SEAL and sniper. Kyle helped to create and define modern training while along the way personally teaching thousands of military personal and civilians from around the globe. His shooting prowess led to appearances on multiple TV shows including Shooting Gallery, Tactical Arms, and Tactical Impact.

    In addition to instructing Kyle will continue to develop gear and equipment (like his Glock sights from Ameriglo), and conduct charity benefits like his Autism Awareness fundraiser, and future work with SVAS Higher Ground.


    Grey Group Training:

    Kyle Defoor 2-Day Advanced Carbine - June 4-5, 2011 - Moyock, NC

    The 2-Day Advanced Carbine course is recommended for those that have attended shooting courses before or who have a thorough understanding of carbine basics and already have safe gun handling skills.

    Topics covered will include;

    •Accessories,weapon setup, slings, gear, sights, optics, ballistics, cleaning/lube
    • safety
    • fundamentals
    • accuracy
    • positions
    • speed
    • barricades
    • shooting on the move
    • reloads
    • malfunctions
    • multiple targets
    • running with a carbine
    • shooting under stress, shooting tests
    • night shoot
    • projection, awareness, land marking, mindset

    Some drills require physical exertion and an elevated heart rate. Military and LE members are welcomed, encouraged to wear their gear and weapons as they would for their application. Days are typically 9-10 hours in length with a short lunch break. Certificates are given upon successful completion of shooting tests.

    Instructor: Kyle Defoor

    Class dates: June 4-5, 2011

    Cost: $400

    Location: U.S. Training Center - Moyock, NC.

    Range facilities:

    U.S. Training Center


    Lodging: Black Bear Inn

    2-Day Pistol Class Requirements:
    -Eye and ear pro
    - 800 rds of ammo (approx)
    - Serviceable carbine with at least 2 magazines per
    - Minimum 1 mag pouch per gun
    - Weapon cleaning/maintenance kit
    - Appropriate weather/seasonal items
    - Food/water as needed by individual
    - Good attitude
    - weapon mounted light

    To sign-up for this class please use this link;

    If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me;