Kydex sheath for Glock knife

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  1. Who makes a kydex sheath for the Glock knife.

    I will be more specific. If you view a kydex sheath for a Ka Bar product, you will observe that the sheath does more than cover the knife. The basic sheath is surrounded by additional kydex material that has a series of holes or attachment points. This allows a ka bar knife to be set up as a vertical sheathed knife, a horizontal sheathed knife, a knife attached to molle or even a knife sheath attached over the back of a pack.

    Thank you in advance for any information.:wavey:
  2. There's a guy here in Tucson that does work like that. He recently made me a sheath for my hunting knife... His website is way out of date, but the work is top knotch! He uses these Tek-lok belt attachments.

    He had my knife for a little over a week. I'll try to put a picture up tonight after work.

    Mine was a basic sheath with the tek-lok and cost $50.

  3. Here's a cple pics. I ordered coyote (probably shouldn't have had it on my similar colored workbench haha), he has a bunch of different colors as well as camo.

    I have the belt attachment so in the crossdraw position, but you can easily adjust it to be straight up or even upside down if that's what you want.

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  4. Dale Frickie(sp?). I'm sure he can do this for you.
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    That looks very similar to the ones I've made, but I use small Tek-Loks :supergrin:

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