Kydex Holsters - Bravo Concealment. Opinions?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Macbooklover91, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Trust me, it's not too thin. The holster's stiff enough and the pistol locks in well.

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  2. Thanks for this thread, I too was looking at getting a Bravo Concealment holster (D.O.S.) but maybe I'll look at Raven as well. Never had a holster before, not even sure where I'd want to have it on me, but we'll see.

  3. Why not consider a kydex holster from Galco? 20-30 dollars cheaper and you don't have to wait the 2-3 months to get it.

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  4. Yeah my biggest reason will be for ccw. I found some youtube videos. Maybe it'll help. May be it will only make the decision more difficult. The more I look the more I think either would be a great option if kydex is your option (It seems like kydex vs everything else is the toughest decision.)

    Note: some references in the videos might be slightly nsfw. not that you should prob be watching these at work..

    RDR IWB - MrColionNoir

    Bravo Concealment - MrColionNoir

    D.O.S. Bravo - cory07ink (Range Time with Cory and Erika)

    Bravo Kydex - cory07ink (Range Time with Cory and Erika)

    Raven Phantom - Sturmgewehre (Military Arms Channel)
  5. Yeah, I follow Cory and Erika on YouTube a lot, that's actually where I first saw the bravo holsters. I'll check the others out too.
  6. spy


    Personally, I don't like plain kydex holsters as IBW - don't feel comfortable with it.
    I prefer hybrid models. Now I use this one - very nice, even in our hot weather without any basic layer, directly "on the skin". The original c-clips are intended for dress belt, so I replaced them with regular steel clips for use with gun belt.
  7. G19g4

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    Check out
    I've had mine just over a year now and it works flawlessly.
  8. BamaTrooper

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    Well, since no one has mentioned them yet, try
  9. I replaced my J hooks. One broke in less than a month. Overall my holster is great. I have a glock 19 with a tlr-1s attached. It's my daily carry. Sometimes I do switch it up with my glock 22 but primarily I use my 19. Bravo was great to work with. I loved their communication and I absolutely coul not be happier with their holster and their workmanship.

    Let me know if you have any questions.from an actual Bravo owner.

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  10. Before spending money on accessories, do some local research. mngunsite and mnguntalk fora are a good place to start. You didn't say where in southern MN you
    were located. There are excellent instructors in the Mankato and Rochester areas. One of the first things you will learn "MN DOES NOT HAVE CCW. IT IS PTC( PERMIT TO CARRY)".

    Also Butch on this forum is from So. MN and very knowledgeable and
    also " a purty damn good shooter with a Glock".

    One other thing if you don't already have it, you will need a PTP(permit to purchase) to pick up your gun.
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  11. Good to know. Have you used any of the other clips? Maybe I'll use the J for tuckable and loops for when I'm wearing tshirts

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  12. I go to school in Mankato and my home town is an hour away.

    Yeah most of the people I talk to still call it CCW but I understand any carrying of a firearm outside of private property requires this permit. I only use my glock at the range now. And thanks but yup I filed for my permit to purchase before I even signed up here. Good to know. I noticed at the range my biggest problem was trigger pull. So often I was either overly anticipating the recoil or pulling the trigger vs squeezing it. I still have a lot to learn. I'm on target but I need to be accurate inside that target.
    Thanks all for all of your comments!

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    [ame=""]Raven Concealment vs. Bravo Concealment[/ame]

    Both are good options. I like the wing attachments for the Raven Concealment and plan on picking one up eventually. Personally I find OWB more comfortable than IWB, but more difficult to conceal. Both of these holsters have IWB and OWB attachment options. This kydex paddle style of holster is supposed to offer the best OWB concealment for kydex.
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    In the end i went with Bravo Concealment for my Glock 26 over Raven because the order was supposed to have a shorter fill time. Only took about 100 days or so to get my order from Bravo Concealment ... It's a nice holster, the retention is great, and it's pretty comfortable to wear. I got the paddle wings, and J-hooks. I haven't bothered trying out the J-hooks, but the fit is okay with the wings. I may try heating up one of the wings so it fits my body shape a little better, but it is definitely not a setup that is easy for me to conceal under just a shirt (I'll stick to my Comptac ctac for max concealability). This holster I bought for wearing out in the woods (I find OWB more comfy than IWB for long walks), and winter time when I'll be wearing more layers. It rides pretty high, so it is real easy to get a good grip on it. I wear it with a 1.5" 5.11 Tactical belt, and sometimes I feel like the holster is a little top heavy (maybe because it is short due to the Glock 26). I'll be ordering another for my Glock 34 with Surefire light, so we'll see how that goes once I get it after another 3+ month wait :rofl:

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