Kydex Holsters - Bravo Concealment. Opinions?

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  1. Hey All, So I'm probably rushing things a little bit but as they take a while to build I'm already thinking about a holster for my (soon to be) Glock 19. To start with it's going to be a range gun. I want to get very comfortable with it and I plan on taking a few courses. Then I plan on taking my CCW training and getting my card. As I'm in college and I can't carry at either of my jobs I won't be carrying much during the school year but I'm still looking at holsters. (Wow long intro... I'll get to the point)

    First off Kydex.. Good? Bad? Experiences. Tips. Etc.
    I'm new to the gun community. Although I've shot before and I know the basics this will be my first gun. I'll be using it as a CCW when I get to that point. I've looked at a fair amount of holsters and I like the idea of some better than others.

    For example I am a 5'10" medium build college student. I live in southern MN. A tactical drop holster (SERPA anyone?) is great for the range but thats the only time I would get to use it. I'm looking for a good starter holster but I'm not afraid to spend some money on it... if its worth it.

    A lot of people make Kydex. I've heard great things about Bravo Concealment ( And I really like the idea of a IWB holster with J hooks. (Minimal evidence of a gun to anyone else). Opinions of the sweat guards? I don't like the idea of the big leather sweat guards some places use.

    I really want IWB and J hooks or some tuckable hooks are a must. I wear dress shirts often and I need hooks that will still allow me to do this. Dress with the gun, not around it, right?

    So with that if you have opinions I want to hear them! If you have stories or links post them. Tips for me? Thanks!

    I was looking at the regular Kydex Gun Holster. Right handed, IWB with J hooks, 10 Degree cant, Medium sweat guard. .06 Black

    Thanks again!

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  3. I'm a big fan of kydex, my primary carry is a Raven Phantom with another from I like OWB and mine are very comfortable but again, what works for me won't for someone else.
  4. Yeah I have thought a little bit about leather but the two biggest things holding me back are the clips and the weather bit. Really cold vs really hot with a leather holster. Thanks for the advice though! I'll keep that holster in mind.
  5. Thanks I'll check that out. I feel like its Kydex vs everything else. Then within kydex there are so many sub options!
  6. looks like you've done your homework - great pistol - looks like a quality holster - congrats!
  7. With movement, J hooks allow the holster to move (up and down and left and right), crushing your waistband and risking their escaping the belt. And at the range, when you unholster and reholster repeatedly, the effect is even worse. J hooks might sound great, easy-on easy-off and all that, but they come with a lot of "buts".

    IWB Conceal Suggestions
  8. That's good to know about the j hooks. Do you know of any other style that would be tuckable? I'll check out the other thread. Thanks!

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  9. I'm with bunk22 here. I am a huge fan of Raven Concealment. I have Phantoms for my Glock 21, my M&P9 and another for my M&P with thumb safety. Plus I have their shotgun Modu-Loader system and magazine carriers for my guns. Raven is a stand-up company that has unconditional lifetime product guarantees. It doesn't matter when you bought it or where you bought it, they will repair/replace your Raven if anything happens to it. You buy a Raven from anyone other than Raven, they will still honor the warranty...that is freakin strong!

    Kydex can wear a bit on your slide but I have countless draws and holsterings with all my guns in all my Ravens and it is minimal. The retention is great, they conceal brilliantly and I use mine every day. It is my daily carry holster and my IDPA holster. They are tough enough to use in training where you use the side of the holster to rack the slide of the gun; to clear jams... I'm sold on quality Kydex holsters and accessories.

    I'm don't own a Bravo Concealment product but they look of a higher quality than many of the Raven Phantom knock-offs out there and if I couldn't buy a Raven first, I'd look to Bravo Concealment next.

    Also the Phantom is modular, like the other Kydex pancake designs are, and you can order multiple belt mounts to turn your one holster into both an IWB and OWB with just a few changes. Brilliant design.
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  10. I have a Raven Concealment Phantom kydex holster for my Glock Gen 4 m19. Great for concealed carry. I also got the twin mag carriers from RC. Works well for me. I think you will not want anything else once you buy it.:wow:
  11. Sounds like Raven is far in the lead. Thanks you guys!! I'll keep on watching reviews and let you know what I end up ordering.
  12. Take a look at Fist holsters ultra thin kydex. I use the K10 with leather split straps.
  13. The other thing that I forgot to add is that with the Raven, and the other Kydex holsters as well, all smaller versions of the same make/model of pistol will work with the holster. For instance, since the G19 is essentially the smaller version of the G17 and the G34, a holster for the G34 will work with every smaller gun Glock makes aside from the 10mm, .45 GAP and .45 ACP versions. I use the same Glock 21 holster for my Glock 30 and could use it for the 10mm Glocks as well.

    If you ever envision yourself owning a Glock 17 or a Glock 34 sized pistol you can order the holster for that model and use it with the smaller versions saving yourself some money in the future when it comes time to buy a new holster.
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  15. The OP wants to carry in deep concealment in a non-permissive environment. He defininitely doesn't want a multipurpose holster that is larger or less comfortable than is absolutely necessary.

    While I'm a big fan of Raven holsters, which are very versatile, I definitely wouldn't recommend one in this case; my Raven holsters when worn IWB are decidedly less comfortable than many other options, and less comfortable means discomfort, touching and adjusting, and - as a consequence - less concealment.

    Frankly, Here is where the OP should be looking.
  16. Check out TCB Holsters at I have the alpha model OWB and forget sometimes I have it on. The IWB is also great at $50 plus shipping.
  17. Completely agree
  18. You guys are awesome. I can't thank you all enough!
    @4Rules - Thanks. I guess I haven't given enough thought to appendix carry. I'll check out that thread. You're spot on about what I want/need.

    @bilkay - I like the idea but it just seems too thin. I would rather a little more thickness if it meant my gun is securely fitted in there.

    as for everyone else.. Thank you! I'm checking the links and considering the options.
  19. Just my two cents. I am a big fan of blade-tech holsters. Check out their website and look at the razor and UCH holsters. They both are kydex, very streamlined and attached to the belt by one belt loop at the back of the holster. I use the razor which works fine under a loose t-shirt. The uch is a shirt tuckable holster which doesn't work for me because I wear a tight belt. The holsters are pricy at $70 but worth it and if they don't list your gun, call them, They made two holsters for me for my g 30 although they arn't listed for the razor or uch. Best of luck.

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