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Kudos for Lasermax

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by friej, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. friej


    Nov 12, 2010
    After researching much on the Lasermax and hearing nothing but high praise I decided to purchase one for my G30sf. To preface this, I am a strong advocate of being skilled in using the guns sights and not developing a habit of relying on a laser. This in fact is my first laser and I got it to simply have another option on my carry weapon.

    One word YEOW! It is kicking accurate. I've had it to the range twice now, shot over 500 rounds and it is dead on.

    I love when I get something new and it's a great first impression experience.

    Just thought I'd share.
  2. Brucev


    Jul 19, 2009
    You made a good decision. Many others are discovering exactly what has been your experience, that laser sight are outstanding. Iron sights are the primitive relic of the earliest days of sighting a firearm for accurate fire. Today the military has recognized the superiority of optics. For handguns, the laser is the bomb. I like iron sights because that is what I came of age using. But, today laser sights are the way to go. They are easier to use under almost any condition where a handgun will be used. If one is shooting on a nice brightly lit range, it may not matter. But if one is using a handgun in SD or hunting in the woods, a laser is unmatched in effectiveness.

  3. RayB

    RayB Retired Member

    Dec 2, 2005
    I'd have to agree.

    It's good to learn the basic marksmanship skills as a foundation, just as it's good to learn some basic unarmed self-defense skills to fall back on. And of course, things like proper grip, stance, and trigger control are still applicable.

    But I generally laugh when someone advises that a laser designator does not replace your open sights and basic marksmanship because that's exactly what it does! I mean, that's rather the whole point, isn't it? :dunno:

    That's like saying an automatic transmission does not replace a clutch and a stick shift! Of course it does! But I also believe in mastering the manual transmission, and myself and my sons trained on one--as did my wife.

    One thing, though, for range work, open sights are where the sportsmanship's at! A laser makes shooting bull's-eyes a boring regularity...

    We've been very pleased with the LaserMax guide rod lasers in our G19 and G21, and I really like the LaserMax Uni-Green on my G17! ;)


    P.S. I'm a fan of weapon lights too! :thumbsup:
  4. RacerRon


    Nov 9, 2010
    S.E. Missouri
    The next step is an RMR....blows the lasers away. Unfortunately it is a bit more expensive. I have had mine for about a month and would not trade it for anything. I actually have another ordered for the wifes carry (G26). Check them out at
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2011
  5. burnsoft


    Aug 5, 2008
    My first laser was a crimson trace for g26, that didn't work out so well, so I decided to spend the extra coin and get the lasermax and it was well worth it. I enjoy having it as an option to use when I need it. Accurate with no need to make adjustments. Since I use the iron sights that thing still works with the original batteries since 2008. Great product. I'm glad to hear that you like yours as well.

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  6. Viper 1

    Viper 1

    Aug 24, 2011
    I have a Gen 4 26. Will the guide rod version of Laser Max work with my gun?

    The Gen 4 has a dual spring system.

  7. friej


    Nov 12, 2010