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Krav Maga---opinions

Discussion in 'The Martial Arts Forum' started by JMag, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. JMag


    Feb 7, 2001
    USA:Love it or leave!
  2. Swattie

    Swattie Cry Havoc

    Oct 31, 2005
    Last time I posted this topic it got closed. Apparently too many people were fighting and getting down right nasty. I plan on taking it when the tax return comes and paying a year up front.

  3. Hando


    Jan 23, 2004
    i like haganah a little better. too bad there is only one school in utah.

    also, for LEO haganah offers additional "special" classes.
  4. hkchris


    Apr 5, 2005
    Have you taken anything in the past?

    This is what I found at one school that I took at for about a year. It is by no means an account of all Krav-Maga schools but something to be aware of.

    I took judo as a child, studied Kenpo Ju-Jitsu for about 12 years, wrestled, took taekwondo (in Korea), and teach military combatives. I only say that to give a little credence to what is to follow.

    Krav got alot of attention after the J-Lo movei "Enough". A lot of schools/instructors rushed to get certified. Big money game for all.
    I found that the background of the instructors came out relatively rapidly. It is sold in my location has a quick "self defense" system. The problem is all but one of the instructors has zero, zilch, absolutely no fighting experience although many would make great fight choreographers for movies.
    It seems they would make corrections just to be saying something, many times counter to facts about grappling, boxing, real fight scenarios, etc...
    They just had no experience to base anything on.

    The reason I asked in the beginning if you had any other fighting/martial arts experience because I believe that if you do it is something worth looking into so you can take away some of the ideas and techniques that will work for you.

    As with most of the people in my class if you took Krav Maga at the school I went to for a couple of years and then was attacked I would hope that you had armed friends with you.

    Just my thoughts on one school in one location though. I do think the business of Krav Maga has watered it down in most areas.