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  1. Are you still going to have the "rig of the month"?

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  2. Today marks the 3 year anniversary of Kolbeson Leatherworks!

    So, for today only enter the code "3years" at checkout and receive 15% off all purchases (packages and combos not included).


  3. Effective 4/1/2013 several gun models and holsters styles will no longer be offered. Click here for more info.
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  4. linkscoach

    linkscoach SFC OIFIII OEFX

    T bad on the MUL for jframes and the LCR. It's difficult to find good low profile AIWB holsters for revolvers.

    Edit - in leather that is.
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  5. I decided to go ahead and keep that one in the lineup....
  6. ArtCrafter

    ArtCrafter ¤Hocker Mocker¤


    Glad to hear it! :)

    One question: Does this MUL from the previous page have a 'Minimal' Body Guard?


    Also, is it necessary to create a account on your site to order a holster, or can a buyer 'checkout' without one?

    Lastly, do you accept PayPal?

    TIA :wavey:

    PS: That holster looks just SUPER! :thumbsup:


  7. Art,

    Yes, that is the minimal body guard.... it's the only option I offer for the snubbies....

    Guest checkout is possible so you don't need to create an account....

    Yes, I accept Paypal....

    Let me know if you have any other questions,

  8. Short Cut

    Short Cut PatrioticMember

    Nice stuff! :patriot:

    Is the Tac-Hybrid available for a G20 without a WML?
  9. ArtCrafter

    ArtCrafter ¤Hocker Mocker¤



    Thank you for your patient replies to my not so bright questions.

    I placed my order and will send you a PM with some additional info.

    Thanks! :)
  10. my apologies Short Cut.... I just noticed this today.... to answer your question, no sir, I only do hybrids with a WML....
  11. Looking forward to it.
  12. I have a Kolbeson belt and kydex IWB.

    Outstanding kit for concealed carry!!
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  13. [​IMG]

    Awesome CCW kit!!
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  14. time to put a little personal business out there.... over the past few weeks my relationship with the lady that I consider the love of my life started to crumble very rapidly.... I had to pretty much shut down all comm's and operations to make a concentrated effort on getting everything worked out and headed back in the right direction again.... I can thankfully say that things are looking up and all operations are fired back up and moving full steam ahead.... I've decided to stop accepting orders for several leather items so I should be able to start making some noticeable dents in my order cue.... a ton of kydex is hitting the mail tomorrow and that will leave me with mostly pending leather orders to focus on.... I can't really begin to thank everyone enough who has a pending order for your patience....
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