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Discussion in 'Sponsor Showcase' started by JoshK, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. no sir.... the reverse cant option is back up....

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  2. Snubby MUL AIWB's now available....


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  3. Columbus Day Sale.... until midnight Monday, 10/8/12:

    -15% off all items

    -free shipping on order over $150

    no coupon codes needed.... savings will show once an item is added to your cart....
  4. Mr. K's work is top notch!

    EDC: G19, mini IWB w/ okra mag carrier...very nice setup

    Now waiting for my belt :)
  5. okra.... Orka.... same thing :thumbsup:
  6. o_O...must've been hungry lol
  7. Is there a chance to see an OWB light holster?

    Thinking about getting a weapon light for work thats why I'm asking...
  8. no sir.... the only tac-light rig I plan on offering is the tac-hybrid IWB....
  9. What are the advantages of the exotic trims?

    Obviously visually they look more appealing...

    Are they more durable compared to regular cow hide/horse hide leather?

    Also which of the exotic trims is more durable?
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  10. GlocksterPaulie

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    I can vouch for Josh's IWB hybrid light holster. Tried dozens of them before getting one of his. It is the only hybrid/light holster I will use and without a doubt the best one on the market.

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  11. yes, the exotic hides are much more durable and scratch resistant than either cow or horse hide.... they are also more moisture resistant....

    it's hard to say which is more durable too.... both the shark and elephant are extremely tough when compared to regular leather....

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  13. isis07734

    isis07734 Nice guy

    Josh, do you have a picture of this rig on a belt?
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  15. I'm torn between the DPS and the T-2.

    Maximum tightness to the body is what I'm looking for.
  16. Josh, will you be making holsters for the Sig P290?

  17. those are both going to ride about the same.... the DPS gives you and OWB option while the T-2 gives you cant and ride height options....

    no sir, no plans for the P290....
  18. Election Day Sale: Today only take an additional 10% off your purchase by entering the code Election2012 at checkout. Mil/LEO's use your discount code to receive your discount plus an additional 5% off.

  19. sandworm40

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    Thanks Josh, I've just taken advantage of this savings.
  20. GlocksterPaulie

    GlocksterPaulie Perfectionist


    Do you have a we just got ****ed for another Four years sale?


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